Birthday Party ideas for a 12/13 year old girl?

What are some good party ideas for a 12/13 year olds (me and my sister). It is in June and we have a pool with a diving board.


lo_lo that IS weird and to all of yall i luv ur ideas and we're thinkin about doin a hawiann theme, sleepover with a movie and maybe rent a huge slide to go into the pool:)

Update 2:

sorry number 8 but this is the one about to turn 12 so im still NOT A TEEN

Update 3:


Update 4:

plz!!!!!!!!!!! ANSWER!!!!!!!!:(:)

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    you could have a tropical theme, and have different types of fun "fancy" looking non-alcoholic drinks with fruit and umbrellas, and do some sort of hawaiin BBQ, kabobs etc. The cake could even been in the shape of a hula girl... they could even do a bathingsuit fashion contest...

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    WoWW thatz realii weird my birthday i also in June an im 12 goin on 13 an me an my friend r goin to do our B-day together an she also has a huge pool..We r goin to a Hawaiian theme i think u shuld do that or a beach theme hope that helps

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    Just have a pool party and then sleepover w/ a movie. You could have a table set up outside with food (chips + dip, mini hot dogs, bagel bites, ect.) and then for the movie a chick flic. My favorite movies to see with friends are: 27 dresses, mean girls, the devil wears prada and juno.

    Source(s): I'm 12 but all my friends are 13
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    Have a pool party with music and dancing, but please don't get a blow up slide.(so last year) Also after the pool party take a couple of your best friends and have a sleep over party.

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    1 decade ago

    No idea since i'm not a girl. Try a theme like a Luau ,Fiesta.or 1980s

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    I know you have a pool but if you wanted supplement it and make super you can rent one of those huge blow up slides.

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    1 decade ago

    Here's a website for theme party decorations, check

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    Hannah Montana theme.

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    You could get a slip'n' slide and set it up so that when you go off the end of it, you fall in the pool!

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    1 decade ago

    hang out at the pool !

    invite all ur friends

    and yeaa... [:

    hire a DJ if you want

    it would be awesome

    or crank up the radio really loud !

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