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how do i get administrator access on mac without knowing the password, etc.?

i work in a computer class at my school on an old eMac.

it has mac osx tiger installed on it and i have no access to many programs and etc. since my teacher is the administrator and he has a password

is there a way to get administrator access anyway?

is there some file i could download on my home computer and use a flash drive to put it onto the mac and launch it,therefore giving me some sort of extended access?

anything people?

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    There are 3 main ways to get admin access on a mac without knowing an admin account password:

    1) Put in an OS X install dvd (any version after 10.1 will do) and reboot holding C. Select 'reset password' from the menu bar. This should be relatively straightforward.

    2) If you don't have install media on hand, instead reboot holding command-S. A terminal window should come up. When the text stops appearing, type:

    "/sbin/mount -uw /" without the quotes and hit enter. Then type:

    "sh /etc/rc" without the quotes and hit enter. Wait for the text to stop appearing.

    What you're doing is booting into single-user mode, which gives you very limited shell access to the system, but as the root user. You then mounted the filesystem (so you can read/write to the password files), then started system services (so that you can use the netinfo database that handles passwords.

    Anyways, then type "passwd someusername", where someusername is replaced by an administrator account on the computer, and hit enter. Then type your new passwords and hit enter, then type it again when prompted to do so and hit enter. If it says "sorry", then that was not a valid username - try again. Enter "reboot" to reboot, and the password should be reset.

    3) If you don't know the admin account name, or if you don't want to mess with existing admin accounts, you can create a new admin account:

    Reboot holding command-s

    Type "/sbin/mount -uw /" without the quotes and hit enter.

    Type "rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone" without the quotes and hit enter.

    Type "reboot" without the quotes and hit enter.

    When the computer reboots, it should run the setup assistant. Run through it, and it'll create a new admin user account on the machine for you.

    Good luck, and use this wisely.

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    enable me somewhat isn't your laptop, is it? Why might desire to I furnish help to? you will get caught, it is why, and the owner can no longer discover me, so he will kick your tail rather. Oh, yet whilst that's a college laptop, they're going to in all probability in basic terms roll their eyes and wag a finger on your face, because of fact they have no genuine punishment techniques. You somewhat can not ferret out all people's password on any UNIX equipment. you may substitute the password, yet... did I already say this?... you will get caught, because of fact which you may no longer substitute it returned. Boot to single person mode. form "/sbin/mount -uw /" Press return. (no longer something seems to occurs, no difficulty. additionally, you will see # returned. it is great; forget approximately it.) form "rm /var/db/.applesetupdone" (The record certainly has some top-case letters, however the conventional format of Mac OS does not care.) Press return. form "reboot" Press return. (Now stuff seems to happen. you will ultimately get previous the "Welcome" in a dozen languages after which you would be able to create a sparkling admin person. Open equipment possibilities > bills. opt for the different admin account. click the "substitute password" button.

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