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Snake HELP???

I live in Queensland Australia...

I am planning to buy a pet snake in the next month or two. I just have a few questions:

1. Where in Qld or Australia is the best place to buy a snake?

2. Would a jungle carpet python be a good snake to start with, is size the only issue? (Out of all the snakes i've researched i like this one the best)

3. What snakes are you allowed to have as pets in Australia?

4. What tank size would be the best? Can i just buy one for an adult snake and put a baby snake in there, or will it get scared?

I would love to own a green tree python but i understand first hand experience is needed. I really don't want to get a children's python or a pygmy python.

I have loved snakes all my life but i have been unable to have one as a pet because my family never allowed it.

Any information or first hand experience would be great, thank you for time.


I love ball pythons but unfortunately they are not allowed in Australia, same with corn snakes.

Update 2:

Im pretty sure this is what you can get on an Australian snake licence:

Black-headed Python

Green Tree Snake

Children’s Python

Water Python

Eastern Small-blotched Python

Olive Python

Pygmy Python

Large-blotched Python

Centralian Carpet Python

Carpet and Diamond Python complex

Jungle Carpet Python

South-western Carpet Python

Coastal Carpet Python

Carpet/Diamond Python (natural intergrade)

Carpet Python

Diamond Python

North-western Carpet Python

Slate-grey Snake

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  • Pat C
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    Of the list you posted, I'd go with a childrens python. They're smaller, pretty even tempered and not terribly difficult to handle. They are pretty cool snakes, even if they're not your first choice!

    Carpet pythons are pretty cool, but they can be evil little buggers as babies. Not really good for a first snake.

    As for tank size, you're right. Smaller is better for young ones, because that makes them feel secure. A 10 gallon is a good starting size for many species. A heating pad designed for a 10 gallon under one end, the other end at room temp. Hiding spots on both sides, so they don't have to choose between security and temperature. A water dish that they can soak in if they want to.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Senior vet student, owns several snakes
  • Gunny
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    The jungle carpet python in my opinion is the prettiest of the carpet pythons and they don't get as long as the coastal carpet python. The green tree python is also gorgeous but it stresses easily and is more difficult to maintain.

    You'd be better off getting a medium sized tank (like a 20gal long) and then move up to a larger tank when it's needed. A young snake may not do well in a large enclosure and would probably never leave the corner of it.

    I believe in Australia you're only aloud to keep native species and in some parts of Australia you're required to have a permit to keep them, but I can't say for certain.

    I forwarded your question to someone better qualified to answer your "Australian Specific" questions (MissHiss), hopefully she'll respond to your questions.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Myself. Sorry, I'm not from Australia and would hate to steer you wrong on laws and what can and can't be owned.
  • Anonymous
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    Well carpet python's are really cool snakes. The size is the only thing that will be an issue, all snakes are nippy as babies so that's fine. Green tree pythons are probably not good for a beginner because they are display snakes so you can't really even hold them. I think that corn snakes and balls are good starter snakes but they are so boring and common so you could start with is a red tail boa, they are cooler thatn a ball python, get a bit bigger and are relatively easy to care for.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a carpet python is not a good pet for a beginner because they take a lot of care and so does a green tree python so sorry but if you think you can handle it then sure but i would not then i don't know what is allowed in Australia but i would think it would be OK to get a python. A children's python would be the best one to get for you they are easy to take care of and they are not big and it is for a beginner and for the tank size any size will do it will not get scared in fact it will love it in there because it will have a lot of room

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    1. I live in the US, so can't say

    2. They can be a bit nippy as babies, but are not as high maintenance as something like a GTP

    3.NSWPW should be able to provide specifics on that

    4. It's probably easiest to start with an adult sized tank and just block off a small area and make sure there are plenty of hides so your new baby feels secure

    Hopefully someone from your area will be able to provide a little more insight. I do know that corn snakes are a no-no unless you have a zoo license though:-o

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    well i live in USA and i have never been to Australia so i dont know bout here but i will say this i dont know if they have them there but i say corn snake or ball python but you can find all kinds of care sheets bout.

    Source(s): 4-H'er at NC Zoo for 2 years
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