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Where are the NO FLOOD Area's in Harris County, Texas?

My husband and I are looking into buying a home in the suburbs somewhere within 30 miles distance from Houston, Texas. Before we look too far we were wondering where the no flood area's are, any info would be great.

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    Most everywhere (residential) in Houston is "no flood." Now streets occasionally flood during a downpour, but that goes away inside of ten minutes after letting up. I live a block from Buffalo Bayou and it didn't even flood here during Tropical Storm Allison in '01 (and I measured over 8" of rain here). I lived even closer back in '83 for Hurricane Alicia. No flooding, but lots of tree damage.

    There are certain areas more prone than others, like White Oak bayou near 290, but lots of these problems have been dealt with in the past decade. The northeast side, near the Trinity River, gets flooding, but is sparsely populated.

    There are certain areas called "hundred year flood plains." Here's a link to the Harris County Flood Control District web site: Here's a map. You'll see blobs showing where floodplains are. This does NOT mean houses are there, especially in the Addicks and Barker areas on the west side. There are earthen dams there.

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    i have lived on the west side of houston in the bear creek subdivision since 1982.......bear creek is located off of highway 6 at clay house has NEVER flooded. we will on ocassion have some street flooding, but only if it is a very heavy donwpour of rain. once the rain stops the water goes down immiatley. i know that there are some ares of town that the water does not go down this fast. some ares the water will stay in the streets for a day or two. most area along bayous are major no no's. if the area where you are trying to purchase a home "require" you to buy flood insurance you may just want to keep looking. in bear creek we do not have to have flood insurance meaning i am not in the flood plain....but honestly anywhere it can flood so i have flood insurance anyways. it is so much cheaper to buy if not in the flood plain

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    katy is rather high, wise to have flood insurance anyway. mine is 200 per year.

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    no where really.

    ive lived here in Harris county all my life, and it always floods!

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