First time home owner lookers?

Hi, my family and I are first time lookers who live in New York. It is high prices here, so that is not surprising(which is why we are looking for a house instead of renting). We really don't have a lot of money (we are forced to leave our current home due to a death in the family) and honestly never did this before. Currently, we are looking on Is there any other good sites people use? Also, is there any way that we could possibly get some help in the money department. I'm slightly worried about that even though we are looking at the 400,000 range (which is average price for NYC). And is there any way to know what the price, including the house and taxes, etc, before having to buy it. Like is there any way to calculate it while just looking at the house.

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    Your best bet is to find the public website for taxes and assessments. Enter the address of the house and you'll see what the current taxes are.

    Select a good, qualified lender and ask for a pre-qualification letter. He will explain the lock-ins and will also help you determine what your monthly payments will be. HUD and VA both have no-money-down programs which will help you with purchasing a home. In most cases. the seller must help with some of the closing costs.

    While shopping on, see if there is a Realtor whose name comes up often in the area in which you are interested. Then give him or her a call. A first time buyer needs a professional to help him through the maze of home ownership.

    Go slowly. The market is going to flatten out even more before it starts to recover. There's no rush. Ask for recommendations from friends and family members, but don't feel pressured. If you get a bad vibe, head the other way.

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    As mentioned, definitely get a referral from someone you know, for both a realtor and a lender (mortgage broker).

    You can use for gathering information, but I don't recommend selecting a realtor from a web site (sorry, agents), or by how often a realtor's name comes up.

    Since you are spending alot of money, and this is a very important financial transaction, be very careful about sharing your information on the internet.

    Good luck to You!

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    My best answer- find a realtor. They know the ins, outs, and the quirks. They can direct you to where to find help, and find things that fit your requirements. A realtor from company A, can still show houses from company B, C, D. That would be easiest.

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    nicely, i could believe the previous solutions with regard to the asking value for a house being merely that, an asking value. In maximum situations shoppers are used to negotiating for the abode that they choose and could experience that it is unreasonable to in basic terms settle for what it is indexed for, whether the home is nicely worth it. as a techniques as a results of fact the $5,000 is going, that could mean completely quite a few issues. If we are conversing a house nicely worth $a hundred,000 then $5,000 is 5%, and if we are conversing a $500,000 abode then $5,000 is barely a million% of the asking value, this could very much impact how i could advise the vendors. community MLS information prepare that interior the month of November properties have offered at an common of ninety six.5% of the itemizing value. This incorporates any ultimate costs which would be coated, so in fact that form is probable closer to ninety 4 or ninety 5% of the asking value. I additionally don't be conscious of while you're promoting your place your self or in case you have a realtor...that makes a great difference besides. in case you have secured your guy or woman customer without an agent, you're saving the linked fee and with each and all the revenues quoted interior the above information, those dealers are paying fee besides, so deduct yet another 6% on common from that value, making the owner's total earnings around eleven or 12% under what grew to become into asked. one component that i could surely advise is that if this social gathering is fascinated, you have them positioned an furnish in writing, as a results of fact till you have that, you easily have not have been given something to agonize approximately, as a results of fact they have not easily made an furnish on the abode. as quickly as you have that, seem to ensure in the event that they are aksing for any ultimate costs or the rest that my decrease your earnings. (abode guarantee as an occasion) a pair of concepts for a thank you to counter furnish could be to call some carpet places with the sq. photos of the abode and ensure an approximate value....except you have an exceedingly great abode, it is going to probable no longer value $5000 to carpet it with a common carpet. furnish to sell to your asking value minus the estimate, or merely meet them interior the midsection and furnish to pass down with the aid of $2500....this is probable what they are searching for besides as, lower back, maximum shoppers are seeking to barter. sturdy success!

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    You sound like the perfect candidate for a buyer's agent. Ask your friends & family who they've used.

    Also, before you get too far in, find a lender to get an idea of what you can afford.

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    GET a Realtor. ASk your friends who they would recommend. DO NOT buy a house without a Realtor

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