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Italian to English translation needed! Italian speakers only, please!?

I needed these two phrases translated. However, only by actual Italian speakers, not by an online translator (since they're not always accurate). Also, I would like to know which makes more sense in Italian.

1. Non pronto a salutare

2. Non sei ancora pronto per dire addio


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    1. not ready to say goodbay're not ready yet to say goodbay for the last time

    in italian we say "addio" when you'll never see again that person (i.e. we use "l'ultimo addio" when you want to say goodbay to someone that is dead).

    but I got some doubts about the 1st sentence too, it's not usual to say something like that....

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    Non pronto a salutare

    Not ready to/for greeting

    Non sei ancora pronto per dire addio

    You are not still ready in order to say goodbye

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    1. Not ready to greet

    2. Not ready yet to say goodbye

    Actually these two sentences are different, but the first one leaves me some doubts, could you please tell me something more about it? The context would be helpfull to tell you which is the best, or if there's another sentence which is even better.

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    you can say it in italian too. we use a lot "all inclusive resort" anyway you can say "albergo tutto compreso"

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