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What's your hangover cure?

Usually I just drink Gatorade and take some Tylenol...but my hangover still lasts a couple hours. I need some miracle hangover cures!

Oh, and not drinking is not an option.

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    for hangovers, i drink V8 and it always cures it. It taste disgusting but has a great affect on hangovers. It was recommended from my buddy and dang has it worked. That and celery get the job done.

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    Well the reason you have a hangover is because you are dehydrated and very few nutrients left in your body...

    Before you go to sleep drink lots of water, and again when you wake up, avoid greasy food in the morning as well, eat some whole wheat toast to get your metabolism running again.

    Also try drinking a little less the night before, a martini on the rocks is a good choice for less calories, and eat some good carbs at the same time. If you want to drink like a horse you are going to have to bear the pain that comes with it

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    I have no idea, I dont get hangovers, no matter how much I drink.

    try Advil instead of the tylenol, advil has a shot off caffiene and 2 forms of pain relief that tylenol doesnt

    glad to see that not drinking is not an option

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    Orange juice is the best for a hangover. And just a tip, you should take the Tylenol WHILE you're drunk, that way you won't have a hangover at all. Yes, it's true!

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    At the risk of getting lynched, I've never had a hangover, no matter how much I drink. Something metabolic I inherited from my father. My friends hated me for it sometimes.

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    just going back to sleep always helped me, but i only ever had 1 hangover soooooo

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    Take two asprins and if you had beer the night before? Drink down a beer with your asprins, go back to bed and call me in the morning ;-)

    Source(s): The next time you go out to drink? Take asprins with a tall glass of water before you go to bed and you should be fine the next morning
  • Greasy foods are good before and while you are drinkinking. They coat your stomache (with grease) and slow down the absorbtion of alcohol.

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    a bigcup of tea some toast and ome biscuit

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    Hair of the dog that bit me.

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