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If Israel is in talks with Syria, Why is the Rep's so down on The Dem's?


If McCain is so down on talking to these nations why isn't he talking trash to Israel?

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    um, I'm not a big Bush fan, but Bush just stated that he wished for Israel to deal with its own issues. He just abstained from getting involved with the nuts and bolts. I thought that's what all the America-haters were so upset about---American involvement. So what's the problem? That he didn't bash Israel? too bad.

    See, what the current "non-interventionists" and fans of "dialogue" want is someone who DOES bash Israel, meaning one who will look the other way when a big chunk of those 57 Islamic states gang up (once again) to push the Jews into the sea, or who even helps out a little bit on the down low with that mission in the guise of "dialogue".

    Bush was not alluding to Israel when he mentioned "appeasement."

    Apparently even Barack Obama thought Bush was alluding to Barack Obama.

    Perhaps that is the case, because "appeasement" happens when someone doesn't know what they are doing, or is otherwise undermining long-term fairness due to coersion (or compatriotism). Israel obviously knows what it is doing in regard to its own affairs more than Obama does; they are in a position to negotiate with Syria the way they see fit---in this case, through Turkey.

    John McCain is the only candidate running to possess the qualities suitable to an American statesman, and will likely be much better than the incumbent in that regard.

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    cause israel is talking through Turkey and not directly to Syria.

    If you keep reading the article you read (I read it) you'll find this.

    On the other hands, Obama wants to talk to them directly.

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    because Syria dose not constantly call for the destruction the western powers.

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