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Can you tell me about ga child visitation laws?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Check your state's statutes on that via a Google search. Usually though in my experience, NO state will enforce their own visitation "so called" laws. The law is there as a guideline, but if someone wants to be mean and not let the other parent visit, they can literally get away with murder. Check your state (I put a link below to help you get started). Both parents should realize visitation is best for the children, but if you're the one being denied visits, you may need to go through the trouble of a court order. Most courts won't take custody away from a Mother unless child endangerment is proven, and the courts/judges could care less really what happens to your child. Work things out, try mediation, try anything because court makes money for the lawyers and the state and you usually end up getting screwed. I wish I had a positive answer but as my experience in law goes, the best bet is a mutual agreement and both people realizing that visitation should be what you do out of love, not a law. :)

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