15 year old girl starting motocross.?

I really wanna take up motocross. My mom said flat out no, because my older sister had a motor cycle accident a few years ago, and almost lost her leg. But my dads only reason is that you're 'sposed to start when you're young (like 5)

I know its not too late to start, but I don't know how to convince him to let me.

I have a barn job, so I do bring in some money, and I could put that 'twords getting a bike/all the other things..

This is something I really want to do..




well I already play guitar..but anyway [haha]

i have no interest in learning how to drive..i dont think im going to even take drivers ed until i'm 18 or something, because i can walk everywhere. So far, I have my mind set on being a horse trainer, and I can walk to the barn..so I really don't need to be saving up for that stuff yet.

Anyway, yes. I really want to do it. I've wanted to everyday for two years now.

& my sister never did motocross/she didnt have gear. Yeah, she was wearing a helmet..but it was a accual motor cycle..on a highway. It was too big for her, and she crashed

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    Well I guess it is up to you to convince your parents that you want to ride enough for them to let you, but why you want to get into Motocross when you have said you want to be a horse trainer I don't know.

    Have you consider taking up horse riding as that is as much of a fun pastime as racing motocross and possibly cheaper.

    Have had horses all my life and thought I was being clever getting my kids into racing motox. Well the joke was on me as I now wish they had taken up horse riding as I am sure there would at least have been less broken bones.

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    Sounds like your parents are being over protective, but then again you can't blame them after your sisters accident. There are two big differences between you sisters riding, and want you want to do. The first is that she on the highway/ paved roads which is more dangerous the off road in soft dirt. Secondly the bike was to big and she wore no safety gear, which was stupid. Tell them you will wear all the gear everytime you ride (and you should). My sister began racing about your age and she has crashed many times, and her worst injury was a big bruise. It is difficult to explain it to people who don't understand the sport and/or is not into it.

    Basically you will not get hurt because you will have all the safety gear, a bike that fits you, you will be offroad, and being a responsible rider, you will be safe and enjoy motocross. Good luck, hopefully you get to race.

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    Prove your responsibility level in all areas so they can't throw that back in your face. And just keep the conversation going. Was your sister in full motocross gear when she had this accident? Focus on the safety stuff with them and come up with a plan of action if something was to happen to you physically. Like academics or some other interests that is not physically involved.

    Be reasonable with your parents tough, they only are doing what they think is best.

    You may understand when you have children what it may feel like to give the OK for them to do something terribly risky. I for one have gone skydiving as an adult and my parents were still upset about it.

    Mind if I ask... why this is your chosen passion right now? Are you someone who changes their mind about getting involved in activities. Like you REALLY want to do motor cross, next month are you gonna REALLY wanna learn guitar, and the next will you REALLY wanna go skydiving...... you know what I mean?

    And as far as your own money goes...... It may be worth saving it for a real form of transportation when you get your license.

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    As Mason said, a 125 2 - stroke or a 250 4 - stroke would be ideal for starting out, you don't want to get anything too big or fast, no point in trying to walk before you can crawl. as for the other things related to riding, you would need to join your nearest motorcycle club, but as i don't know what country you are in, i cant really give a straight answer. other things you will definitely need is all the right safety gear(helmet, gloves, back protector, shoulder Protector, boots, goggles etc, etc) any shops that sell motocross bikes should be able to help you out too. One other thing that you have to take into consideration is, how are you going ot get the bike to all the different racetracks? is you family going ot support you doing it? i don't want to pour cold water on your dream, as i have had many similar ones myself, but you have to be realistic too, and finally, you have to be prepared for the possibility of getting hurt, sounds negative, but it is a part of bike racing, something you accept, or don't, best of luck in getting started.

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    1 decade ago

    i started at adge 10 so yeah im 18 now its easy the reason things go wrong is because of the way of position i no its "dangerous" not really but you should maybe start a JR. league

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    tell them i have already looked into it and have the money estimated and find out from there man i wish you lived near me no s like bikes where i come from they are snooty and like ugghhhh a motocycle.... let's o in and drink tea and crumpits

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    1 decade ago

    defiantly go for it.. girl riders are hot

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