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I dunno what to do?!?!?

Here is my problem: about 5 months ago this girl and i were going out then she moved and we tried a long distance relation ship but i decided it wasnt working out, so i broke up with her. when we were going out we were constantly texting and we could only think of eachother. Then she moved away it sucked for us both, then out of the blue she came out but on the worse day possible... Homecoming. So i like ditched my date for like 10 minutes and i was walking her to her car and when she had to go i didnt kiss her or something and it turns out the next day she was pissed and regretted not being kissed (the reason i didnt kiss her was because my date for Homecoming was around the corner so it would have been awkward). Well 5 months later( aka next weekend) she is coming out but just for a day. Recently she started texting me and calling me to tell me that she is coming out and trying to have me decide what to do with her. And i dunno what to do with her.PLEASE HELLP!?!?

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    just hang out with her do the things u guys did when u were dating u guys r obviously still into eachother so just chill u dont need to do anything exciting just spend time together go to te park or a walk in the woods or soemthing where u guys can have some time alone it will make the time u guys r getting to spend together finally more special anyway how far away does she live maybe u guys could try to see eachother more often how old r u guys is one of u close to getting ur license or anything that could help

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    Is she worth the trouble? Sounds like neither of you are really sure what you want, so it would be a good idea to start dating others (like the girl from homecoming). She lives far away--why struggle with that kind of relationship, especially since you both were only together for a few months anyway.

    You can always get back together in the future, but right now it may be better to focus on your own lives in your own towns.

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    Tell her how you feel and what you think if you dont want to out with her no more try being friends well if that can't work then just leve her untill she comes around so yeah i think you should tell her your feelings and how you feel she may get upset but she desevers to no the truth on what you think and how you feel!

  • dude you guys can be friends...there's no rule in the date book that says just b/c you two once dated and now are not that you can't be friends. So just hang out with...take her to one of the new hot movies and then go hang out with friends. Be her friend....duh dude...seriously. get a clue.

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  • Dude set her straight that you cant do a long distance guy might be moving soon and we have the same issue just set her straight that you can't

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    I wouldn't sit around waiting for her to decide what she wants. Just move on and if it was meant to be later on in life then so be it.

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    a) if you like her - ask her out and meet up with her.. then see how it goes and what u want.

    b) if u dont want to be seeing her and just want to be friends (cause u either dnt feel the same way / like someone else) - be honest n tell her.


    All the best!

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    you already decided that the long distance was to much so it wouldn't make sense allowing her because she would be gone tomorrow...i hope you make the right choice

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    well are you going out with the girl you went to homecuming with..??? hmmm. cuz that would have been really awkward... to do that... on homecuming... so yea... i would just hang out with her all day that you could and try to make up..

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    ummm stop being slow kiss the girl and be happy...say cheese lol

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