The department of defense was established in?

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    The Department of Defense (DOD), with a single secretary, was created in 1947 under the National Security Act. It created three different departments [Dept. of the Army, Dept. of the Air Force, and Dept. of the Navy (which also commands the Marine Corps)].

    Prior to this, there were two departments with separate secretaries: Dept. of War and Dept. of Navy. The Air Force was known as the Army Air Corps. This is why 1947 is known as the Air Force's birthday.

    More can be learned if you Google: National Security Act, 1947. Also, read a little about it on Wikipedia.

    If you know someone in the Air Force (enlisted person), ask them if they will show you more about it in their PFE. They should know what that means.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal studies.
  • The Department of Defense was created in 1947 as a national military establishment with a single secretary as its head.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    The Department of Defense was not established by asking others to do your homework for you. It's called a book. Open one.

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    Formerly known as the Department of War and the Navy.

    In 1947 renamed the D of D.

    Now go read a book.

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    September 18th 1947.. AF B-day as someone else pointed out.

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