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How easy is the Wii (Setup, etc.), are the games fun, and interactive, and does the Wii Fit really work?

I want to purchase it, but I am curious.


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    I got the Wii in March and i thought it would be a SUPER hard set up, but turns out it was SUPER easy. I am not one to usually read instructions so, when i got the wii, i was thankful that they did not have a huge list of instructions.

    The games are SUPER fun.

    You can play the same game for like 2 weeks straight never get tired of it then after the 2 weeks you may need a break, so you stop playing for like a day and then go back to it and it feels like you just got it. The games i have are wii sports(comes with wii), wii play and Super Mario Galaxy.

    The sports is quite fun, builds up mussels(the first time i played it the next morning when i woke up my arms were aching from boxing and tennis). SMG(super mario galaxy) is really fun i got it in April and it's still not completed, really fun (it's my fav game i have) So far *wii fit would be my fav probably*

    And wii play well what can i say it came with a free remote, The games are really fun when you are bored and you wanna try to beat u're record.

    Ok now to the wii fit, i am going to TRY to get one.

    I checked the wii fit out thoroughly, and it looks like a great deal. I wasn't sure about it at first because of the cost, but with all the things it can do seems amazing, 100$ is not bad, think about getting a electric scale they are almost 60$ (or maybe even more). yeah so if u are wondering why i am mentioning scales it's because when you go on it, it takes how much you weigh and then you write your height. So you can keep track of how much weight you loose.

    (hope you get the wii, the best gaming system out there *there is a website i added down below for you to do some research on the wii fit's main page.

    =)P.S longest answer i ever gave before! and i gave u're question a star. hehe

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    The setup was very simple. Connecting to the internet was very easy. I even purchased wii points and download some old school games. Again very easy. I usually get frustrated with cords and all that stuff but not the wii. In fact we often disconnect it and take it to friends or to Grandma and Grandpas when the kids stay there.

    We don't have a lot of games but we love playing wii sports as a family and even have adult bowling nights with friends. My kids love all the games that are more mini games such as the olympics, playground. etc.

    I haven't got my wii fit yet hopefully it will be here today but I expect it to be fun. I don't think that it is going to shed pounds but I think it will help get me going.

    I highly recommend the Wii.

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    games are awsome. here are th best:

    metroid prime 3

    super smash bros brawl

    mario kart wii


    and you have to download final fantasy:my life as a king

    its a quick set up. did it in 15 min. wii fit only helps you get on to the daily exercizing track. its does build muscle. lastly, it is totlay interactive in every way. but i heard Mac is coming out with a console that steals the wii's interactive controller. i hope this helps and good luck finding a wii!

    Source(s): own one myself
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    I just bought a Wii yesterday, and it took all of 10 minutes to set up. If you have a wireless internet connection its really easy. It will automatically detect your wireless line. If your on a secured network, all you have to do is type in your wireless passcode.

    As for the Wii Fit, it comes out today. But hard to find unless you preordered it. All major retailers are sold out. People are selling them on ebay for up to $200. The Wii Fit itself is $89. Best bet is to call around and check. I went to my local gamestop yesterday, and the guy said they will have extras (today) even after they give the people theirs who preordered them. Your best bet is to call your local game stores and check if they have them, and if they don't, ask when they get a shipment. When they tell you when their shipment is, be there right when they open. Because just like the Wii, the Wii Fit is going to be hard to find for awhile.

    All the Wii games are really fun and very interactive. Some games you can play "online" vs your friends with their Wii Code.

    Here is a link to check out how Wii Fit works.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is very easy to set up. and the games are very fun if you life mario and shooting games if you have kids cusins or friends it is very fun to let them join the fun the bad part is that the Wii motes and nunchuck are expensive well to me it is im 12 and i love my wii so i say buy it all the way

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    Outrageously simple! My 9 year old had no problem setting it up. It truly is user-friendly

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