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依據聯合國統計,目前亞洲地區有16城市人口破千萬,都市化時代的來臨是推動經濟成長的主要動力來源。東南亞國協(Association of South East Asian Nation, ASEAN)是亞洲地區都市化進程最快、最具發展潛力的地區。菲律賓是最鄰近台灣的東協成員國,其首都馬尼拉人口已突破1110萬人,未來隨著人均所得提升,都市人口消費力將強力爆發,因此持續開拓菲律賓來台旅遊市場,未來將為台灣觀光產業注入另一股新動能。

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    According to UN statistics, there are currently 16 cities that have a population over 10 million. Urbanization is the major locomotive power for economic growth. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) encompasses a region of most progressive urbanization and of highest potential. Philippine is the nearest ASEAN country to Taiwan. Her capital city Malila has a population of more than 11.1 millions. With the increase of GDP, the consumer expenditure will highly explode. Therefore, continuous cultivation of Philippine tourists to Taiwan will contribute to the growth momentum of Taiwan tourism industry in the future.

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