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Whats the difference between Australia and New Zealand and how and what makes them unique and different?

Hi I was wondering since I am probably moving there in 2009-2010, what are some differences between the two countries, eg. Culture, Schooling, Financial/Ecconomic issues, Environmental, the way people act, the population, etc, whats the difference between the two countries, in those areas, if some could give me an outlined and detailed response that would be great and I am going to thank you in advanced to save troubles. Also how they are different and what makes them so different. Love you all. Megan xoxo !!! ...

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    Population of New Zealand is nearing 4.5 million - about the same size as Sydney which is about 4.2 million.The Australian pop is 21 million.

    The indigenous population in Australia is Melanesian, while New Zealand Maori are Polynesian.

    Australia is huge with long distances between places.Their countryside has much less variety than New Zealand. There are attractive areas, but the scenery in New Zealand is much more varied and beautiful.

    Many of the immigrants in Australia were originally from Italy, Lebanon, Greece, and more recently Vietnam and other parts of Asia.These days they are getting a lot more Middle Eastern and African etc.Although it really does depend where you live.

    New Zealand immigrants are more from the Pacific Islands, with only small pockets from Italy, Dalmatia, etc.Our main immigrants these days are from Asia - Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, etc, South Africa.

    So we have rather different immigrant population mixes which in turn changes the cultures.Although there are many of the same people - the numbers are different for the different races.

    The governing systems are quite different.Australia has a government in each State as well as a Federal government.

    New Zealand has one government with an MMP system.

    Australia has a lot of natural resources - minerals etc so work in the mines is extremely well paid.Perth and Western Australia is seeing a huge boom due to the mining.Perth housing is now the most expensive in Australia. This has a down side in that it is difficult to get the young people to aspire to jobs with much poorer pay yet very important.Health, Education, shops, offices etc.

    Australia has long term drought in many areas.NZ has drought but it does not have the same impact as it has in Australia and the drought is usually short lived.We get a lot of rain in most parts of the country.

    Their incomes generally are said to be about 30% higher than in New Zealand.Both countries have a major shortage of medical staff, teachers and many service people and tradespeople. NZ'ers tend to immigrate to Australia to get better salaries and still be close to home.Australians go to USA and UK for the same reasons.

    Schooling in Australia is variable from state to State.A lot of people put their children into private schools there.Not so much in New Zealand. I think rather than the country the city or where you live can make a difference schooling wise, despite a national curriculum in New Zealand.

    I think Australians are probably a little more nationalistic than NZ'ers.There is a lot of competition between the 2 countries.

    Especially with sport.But in the end we are still close neighbours, friends and will support each other if necessary.

    Australians tend to be generally more brash than New Zealander's. More American.

    The climate in both countries varies, but the northern part opf Australia is tropical to temperate in the south.NZ is subtropical in the north to temperate.

    Australia has snakes- some poisonous, and poisonous spiders, while NZ does not.

    Their native animals are very different to those of New Zealand.

    So I hope that tells you some differences!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah Antonio has definitley got muddled up sorry man, and also 'futbal' aka Football is NOT one of our major sports at all its Rugby all the way man!

    New Zealanders are very laid back people, we all love our country and enjoy camping, going to the beach for Christmas, and spending time with family in our holiday homes. We are very welcoming people and love to have guests. Wellington is the capital and is my favorite city because of the alternative culture. Auckland is the biggest city and is very spread out and there are a lot of opportunities there.

    Australia is very very big, I personally prefer Perth over all the cities because places like Sydney and Melbourne are just big, fast, overpopulated and expensive cities. Australia often has better weather than NZ, but I personally think our summers are the best! Hot enough to handle, where as in Australia its very common to hit 40 degrees (celcius).

  • Picola
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    1 decade ago

    don't listen to Antonio his facts are all muddled and wrong

    the population of NZ is over 4 million not 4 thousand

    its "Maori" not "mauri" and Rotorua is in the North island, not the South island!!!!

    sorry just had to point that out...

    In terms of our environment and wildlife we are very different. Australia is huge with a large portion or arid / desert like areas whereas NZ is a bit more lush and mountainous.

    NZ doesn't have any snakes, or lizards etc that Australia has. We do however have a large number of endemic bird species such as the iconic kiwi, keas, pukekos, wekas and many more

    well thats my 2 cents worth anyway :-)

    Source(s): Live in NZ have been to Australia a few times
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    New Zealand is green and beautiful! very nice, laid back and friendly people, and our population is over 4million. theas lots of different ethnic groups living here. Good Maori culture.

    Auzzies more hott and dry and way more people. don't know from expierence what they are like though.

    Have a look at a map, u'll see NZ as green and Auz more desert. Mates just came back from Auz and apparently the price of living is more expensive in Nz.

    Each of these 2 countries like to be better at everything than the other, its practically a competition lol

    Rugby's a big sport here.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OK I have traveled 2 both:

    Australia: Is more of a cosmopolitan country with more than seven million people in large cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. Australia is also a much larger country than that of NZ and the indigenous tribe in Australia is called Aborigines (do not make up practically anything of the population as 21 million of Australians share their heritage with Europe. Do not try vegemite its disgusting.

    New Zealand: NZ is more of a green spread out natural island where there are more sheep than people. There are only a couple more than 4 thousand people. And their indigenous population are known as Mauri's there are'nt many but more abundant than that of Australia as they live on the S. Island of NZ in cities like Rotorua (Do'nt live there smells like sulphur gas). Anyway Auckland is NZ's cultural capital its a cosmopolitan city Wellington is the capital and a fairly well sized city. Try L & P soda its really good.

    Similarities between both: National sports are rugby and futbol. They both have Queen Elizabeth as Head of State for their country and are both English Commonwealth Nations. Both are parliamentary democracies and are both two of the most wealthy nations with high standards of living. They also have a feud between one of them the Australians make fun of the Kiwis and the Kiwis make fun of the Aussies all in good fun.

  • 1 decade ago

    Antonio - it's actually four million people lol =)

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