We're moving to San Antonio Texas, what should we know?

I hear there are lovely liberal pockets - please do tell! I'd love to be able to find my "people" when I get there, lol.

I'd love any and all tips, hints, highlights, and input from current or former residents of San Antonio.

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    Not sure of what you would call a major liberal pocket in San Antonio. There are areas which have certain voting demographics, being either Democrat or Republican, but these are mostly based on other reasons than a major liberal agenda. The younger adults and college voting population may have a stronger liberal agenda, but you will find them mixed in with the conservatives around the Southtown and college areas, and throughout the city. Of course it is said that a Democrat in the southern US would be considered a Republican in the northern US.

    Where to live in San Antonio is largely based on your individual needs. There are nice areas throughout the city. With the size of the metropolitan area, road construction, traffic and cost of fuel it can be nice to live in an area near your place of employment. If you like older, historic type homes, these are found inside Loop 410 which was the original boundary loop around the city. If you have school age children (and do not plan on using private schools) then you might want to select a home based on the school districts. In San Antonio the public school a child attends is determined by the location of their home. In the city, the best performing school districts are Northside, North East, and Alamo Heights. There are also some fine schools in the areas around the city, in the metropolitan area.

    The newest shopping and restaurant areas are developing mostly to the north, northwest, and north east. However, there is a lot to be said for the opportunities available in the areas closer to downtown, including Southtown, as these areas are really starting to build. There are also some new areas on the southside as new industry is developing there.

    The greatest concentration of medical resources are in the Northside around the medical center off I-10 and the new Stone Oak medical complex at 281/1604.

    We all have our own preferences, but there are really many areas that are nice. It really depends on your specific needs.

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    I had a boss that was moved here from Denver for a few years. When she left, she lamented, "San Antonio is really great. There is so much diversity, and nobody really cares about the differences". So, your "people" may be all over the place.

    If you have or are planning children, the school districts vary a bit. I would suggest looking for Northside Independent and Northeast Independent School Districts. The school district has a pretty large affect on your home values, if you decide to purchase.

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    Not real sure where the "liberal pockets" are in San Antonio. You might want to try looking into some Socialist websites/chat rooms. They can probably give you more help. Good luck.

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    i moved to san antonio 3 yrs in the past - i moved from a small city in tn 30,000 human beings to san antonio - i do no longer artwork in san antonio my activity demands shuttle so i'm no longer certainly there each and all of the time however the massive difference for me grow to be i admire the climate - snow is a extraordinarily uncommon component chilly climate is uncommon - i admire that i've got no longer considered any scorpions, nor armadillos yet i does not ideas seeing them, activity marketplace seems stable from what i've got considered, persons are astonishing, there are some aspects that get graffetti yet all great cities do, they r interestingly engaged on stricter rules for that yet u understand politics --i do no longer bypass downtown after dark yet i does not do this for the duration of any great city the two san antonio is dryer than tn and not close to as humid -- its a pair hr tension to the gulf coast its extra humid there yet a breeze many times blows i admire san antonio - the only component i do in comparison to is as quickly as I lived in tn i lived in a house on one hundred sixty acres - might desire to no longer see yet another abode now i stay in a subdiision on the city - i leave out that -- the form of life and museums, the riverwalk, the failings to do around san ntonio is tremendous the food is staggering- san antonio or the different place is what u see it as and what u make of it - i do no longer think of site visitors is that undesirable some human beings think of its terrible each thing approximately san antonio some human beings will love some will hate

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    learn Mexican Spanish!

    English IS the second language in San Antonio!

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    depends on what "your people" are? If you are talking about the gay community then there are lots of gay clubs and such downtown..bonam exchange I think is what they call it..If you are talking about the transgender community there are some in san antonio but lots in Austin..if you are talking about gangs we have lots of those and if you are talking about spanish speaking very rude neighbors,we have LOTS of those :)))

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