Who is a historic figure w/ a conflict??

i need a person who doesnt really have to be really famous but enough that there is information on them and a small conflict that they encountered in thier life


see thats the prob my teacher wants some random ppl but there are so many ppl and i want to see who ppl think of. its just a matter of ur opinion and who u can think of. it doesnt really matter who they are

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    What comes to my mind is J. Robert Oppenheimer. He was an American physicist who became known as the father of the atomic bomb. From 1942 to 1945 he was the director of the Manhatten Project, the American government's program to build the first atomic bomb during World War II. But after the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan he came to regret his part in their development. He was opposed to the development of the hydrogen bomb. His loyalty to the United States was questioned. He was investigated in 1954 by an AEC security panel. He was found innocent but he was denied further access to secret information. He lost his security clearance. He must have had a lot of internal conflict.

    I hope that this has been a help to you.

    Source(s): World Book
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    Try Joan of Arc. If she appeals to you. She was a young girl of I think 12 and she had visions from god to lead france through the war. She became a a general and she won many battles but was captured and put to trial. The trial (the conflict) was actually politically inclined (someone else was gain some sort of status by her demise) and she was executed at the age of 19. Her wikipages has plenty of info.

    You are basically asking us to find hay in a hay pile (yes i worded that phrase the way it sounds on purpose) the thousands of people you could do. Joan of Arc, The guys who made google, anyone. Your either famous or your not, there is no gray areas in between. If you could give more detail as of why you need the info or anymore criteria we might be able to help...

    Here, this may help: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvB6O...

    I posted a question myself looking for historic figures for a book Im writing and some of those figures are real people, some I havnt even heard or so they might not be "really famous". I hope this helps.


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