Why is it that it is God that responsible for doing more harm to humans in the OT than Satan?

In fact Satan kills no one while God slaughters multitudes. Why is it God that is blood thirsty and vengeful?


How can I be wrong or have a narrow view if that is what it says in teh Bible, why are so many people who claim to read the Bible and believe in it, in such major denial? Is this healthy?

Update 2:

Why does God get to get away with murder? What kind of answer is "well because he is God"? Isn't your God a bully then, just because might makes right?

Update 3:

chevy.kevin - Peter was crucified upside down by the Romans, what are you talking about?

Update 4:

Oh I forgot - if I kill someone I should claim that Satan made me do it. Good thikning. I wonder where si the personal responsibility in this religion, if I can blame Satan.

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  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago
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    God is not responsible for dong more harm than Satan. If it were not for Satan, the people would not have left God and followed him.

    The people obeyed Satan rather than God because Satan made everything look so wonderful, and fun and the people liked it.

    God hates sin. He gave the people every opportunity to quit sinning and obey Him but they wouldn't listen. Sodom and Gomorrah were so wicked and the people would not listen and obey God. God hates sin, he told them that he would destroy them if they didn't turn from their wicked ways but they would not listen. So God destroyed both cities. Who's fault was it? Not God's he told them what he was going to do.

    Noah preached to the people to give up there wicked ways. He preached the whole time he was building the ark but they would not listen. They were given every opportunity. But then the day came and the only righteous people were Noah and his family and they were the only humans that were saved from the flood.

    Who's fault was this, not God's for he warned them of the coming flood and ask them to worship God and obey him. They chose not to for they didn't want to give up their wicked ways. So God kept his promise and destroyed everyone except Noah and his family.

    If you blame God for the death of these people, you are blaming the wrong one. God wanted them to change their way of life they just didn't want to.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I'm not about to go want to pick out curtains with ol' Beelzebub or anything, but I don't get the thought that "Satan initiated ALL evil" - what did he do? He thought at some point God wasn't all THAT. And this huge war broke out, the fallen angels saying, hmm, you know, Sate's got a point. Well, obviously there were no democratic elections "back then" but really, on its face this is vilification of the first water. But who's the whipping boy in this picture? Not Satan, he's out soul hunting. Man, people would DIE for a job like that. He gets a cushy job and with us it's like mea culpa up the yin yang. I protest.

  • By your logic, you also think a dad that shoots a burglar is also blood thirsty for killing to protect his family. Can we assume too that you don't believe someone that influenced a burglar into a life of crime is in any way responsible for his death? Or are you okay with just blaming the dad?

    The price of sin has always been death. Man has known this from the beginning and has defied God continuously, doing the will of Satan instead of the will of God. There is nothing God has ever done that wasn't justified in order to protect His children; so perhaps it's just that your sense of justice is a tad bit skewed.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You need to read the bible before you decide to talk about life and creation because you are way off course. God created all beings with free will and choice. This way they could choose to love him rather than being androids. Going bad is on your own head. Satan went bad cus he chose to, it was a jelousy thing. Adam and Eve didn't have to listen to him in the garden. Satan does not make you do anything you don't want to do. GOD is not at fault for wanting your love as he loved you first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    OT Satan was an agent of God who was given permission to test man. The Christians corrupted this and made him out to be evil, having taken some Zoroastrian influences. Satan just means adversary, and it's meant as in relation to humans not to God. Satan is the accuser, God is the judge. It's a much more interesting dynamic than the one Christians believe.

  • Angela
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not in denial....I don't like the Old Testament...I only think it's there to show how mankind evolved into knowing the GOD OF MERCY AND LOVE...... I love God......but....Truly, I don't like the Old Testament. I don't even believe that a lot of what is in the Old Testament is 'fact'. Sorry, I just don't....I don't think Moses' staff 'really' turned into a snake. I am mystified at how modern religions so often use the Old Testament when we were given the NEW COVENANT! I don't like the kill for God mentality. I think it is nothing but a reflection of man's earlier brute state. It is all BEFORE CHRIST.....and Christ CHANGED EVERYTHING in our human consciousness.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Read the lost book of Enki`s,and you will understand exactly why.

    there were two main gods (annunaki leaders)to start with .

    Not one

    The one (Enlil)wanted to kill the abomination they had created called homo sapian

    and the other (Enki)wanted to save those who carried his own genes .

    ,Adam and Noah were amongst them,

    Enki was The snake in Eden ,our Saviour

    ,And a Godly War resulted

    But history gets written by the winners ,and they are rarely the good guys.

    So the bad get a good write up

    Whilst the good get blacklisted.

  • Porch
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    1 decade ago

    Because the political powers that be want people to fear God, their father/mother, not love him/her, to keep them all in line. It makes sense. They took a bunch of things that happened and blamed them on God and told everybody that God lives in a place called Heaven. He sits there, watching you and he knows when you're bad and he'll punish you. It works out perfect when there's a flood or a fire. "God didn't like you doing that. What did we tell you?" It keeps people feeling powerless and separate from God. It's a lie. God is here and everywhere, giving us all of our desires. So, be careful what you wish for. Peace and harmony just might be the only safe things to ask for.

  • Dave
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    1 decade ago

    correction he did directly kill a few people, just read Job...

    and for the majority he may not have directly killed them but he convinced them to sin a lot which forced God's hand.

    "Why is it God that is blood thirsty and vengeful?"

    hes not... hes just being a just judge, when people do something that deserves the death penalty a good judge sentences them to death, and since sin is practicing lawlessness and rebelling against God the punishment is death. thankfully he made a way for us to be saved from God's wrath through Yeshua/Jesus Christ.

    "Why does God get to get away with murder?"

    there is a difference between murder and civil punishment.

    if someone dies because they broke the law and that is what the law says the punishment is then hes not murdering...


    Satan doesn't make anyone do anything... its your choice what to do but he tries to trick you into doing the wrong thing.

    "Peter was crucified upside down by the Romans, what are you talking about?"

    it was Paul... peter was the only 1 of the apostles that died of old age.. but if memory serves that was because he spent many years exiled on an island.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Read Job and see who works for who, according to that tradition.

    Job 1:12

    And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD.

    So Satan does nothing without permission, while we require no permission at all.

    In my opinion poor Satan has been demonized by people who don't understand this. It's hard to be at war with someone when they have to keep coming to you to get permission for every little thing they do.

    Source(s): Not that I believe any of this, but anyone that believes Satan has as much power as the average Christian attributes to Satan is really a Satanist.
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