How can the population of animals and people be compared?


Where did you get this information like a site and how many animals are in the world?

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    1 decade ago
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    Both max out; and when the carrying capacity goes through and overshoot, a limiting factor will bring the population down to a sustainable with a natural limitation: for us, and animals alike, this would most likely be food.

    The earth can only make so much food for us to eat, limiting the population.

    Source(s): This graphic best illustrates what I'm talking about: http://jimswan.com/111/population/sigmoid.gif Note that the resource limit for humans HAS not been reached, for the global population has been continually increased. A good example of animal species that go through this are prey-and-predator relations (the rabbit and the wolf). As one population goes up, the other goes down, and then as one exploits the other as a resource, they populations will quickly boom and bust, and then the same will happen to the rabbits (and this continually repeats).
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