Where can i find the TM Earthquake in Pokemon Pearl?

I really need to get the move earthquake to challenge the elite 4, but i dont know where to get it/find it

Does anyone know?

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    You find it at the end of the hidden Wayward Cave under the cycling road. To find the entrance go to the top where you see the cave entrance that isn't hidden and go to the left under the bridge. It should be 2-3 steps from the left side of the bridge. The TM Earthquake is at the end. You can also catch gible which evolves to garchomp there.

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    Earthquake Tm

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    Earthquake Pokemon

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    1 decade ago

    It's a Level Up Move, but a TM of it can be found in the secret entrance of Wayward Cave. You can also buy it in the Fight Area for 64 BP. The secret entrance of Wayward Cave is right near the regular, except under the Cycling Road.

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  • Phill
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    1 decade ago

    You find Tm 26- Earthquake, in Wayward Cave. Wayward Cave is located underneath the bike path, on the rock right next to the wall.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Give it to Metagross, because if you are in a Double Battle with Metegross and Salamence and if Metagross uses Earthquake it won't hurt him, because he's the one who used it, and it won't hurt Salamence, because he is a Flying Type Pokemon. But if Salamence uses it, it will be Super Effective to Metagross and there's a pretty good chance he'll faint because of Salamence's great Attack Stat. I know, maybe you won't participate in Double Battles, but you never know. If you're just focusing on who has the grater Attack Stat, they both have the same. Hope I really helped.

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    Only place is wayward cave

    Source(s): serebii.net
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