restricting blood to the brain?

today at my school some kid kept grabing peoples neck with two fingers both hands and holded them there for 10 seconds and the person would black out as long as he dosent inhale and he tried it on me and you have like flashbacks and a weird tingling feeling as if you were high how was this done

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This happens because you are restricting blood flow to the bran, and that means you are cutting off the brains source of oxygen. This is dumb and kills brain cells. It's a type of suffocation, even though you're breathing your brain is not.

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    4 years ago

    definite. I even have the comparable. genuine. element. I went to the ER using fact i became into slurring my words, falling over, concept i became into having a stroke. They did an entire blood panel, MRI, CT, and so on. not something. no person pronounced tight muscle mass using fact western medicine does not somewhat seek for issues like that. I then went to my chiropractor who stated my neck became into 'f-ed' up and its using fact my muscle mass are so friggin tight. Went to a masseuse after the adjustment and cried for the duration of the rubdown i became into so tight. I had had a headache for 3 weeks immediately plus your indications too. Chiro and masseuse completely fastened me up. It became into from carrying relatives's groceries and the toddler in her automobile seat maximum days. They prescribed a heavy painkiller and stated to take it common while all i wanted became right into a solid rubdown. try it pal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whoever said that the kids of today can't make their own entertainment . . .

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