is google Adsense?

Is google adsense free?

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    Google adsense is a program that allows you to place ads from Google on your website. If you create a website of about 200 pages or on a topic that people want to know about and if you can get that site lots of traffic - like about 2000 people a day you can make a decent amount of income.

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    Google Adsense is free.


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    Yes, you earn money by placing ads from Google Adsense on your website. They pay you.

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    abouttheblog | March 10, 2016 | Adsense | No Comments

    Adsense is the best platform for making huge money.Lots of new bloggers are without doing anything earn $1000/Month.This is a strong income source of your blogging career.But they have lots of criteria.If you unable one of the criteria your account should be disabled & your earning will be collect by Adsense.They are very striking in their terms & conditions.


    Top 12 Adsense mistakes

    1.Quality of your content: Your content have high quality means content post word minimum 300 words, never copy google images make your own, avoid grammar mistake use Grammarly

    2.Click your own Ads: People for more earning click own ads on a various computer & tell their friends to click on his Ads.Google Adsense is very smart & get this as a fraud click.Disable your AdSense account for invalid activity.Use Adblocker for protecting by mistake Ad click.

    3.No of ads on the website: Adsense permission you can use maximum 3 Ads on your web page.Add more than 3 Ads its a chance of banned.

    4.Multiple web sites Add: Never add google ads on multiple websites its chance to account banned.

    5.Copied content: Stop to use other websites copied content.

    6.Adsense Code: triesDtryto change Adsense ad code.Just copy & paste it.

    7.Buy Traffic: Some website offer they give 10000 views/month for $10.Don’t use this type of site if are running AdSense ads.

    8.Don’t share: Avoid to share personal information earning reports screenshots to another one.

    9.Less no of content: Maintain minimum 50-100 content with daily update.

    10.Send Ads by Mail: Ads send by HTML format by mail its-its not allow Adsense TOS.

    11.The label of ads: Lable of ads as a sponsored links or advertisements.Other option “Please click on an ad” don’t do this.

    12.Don’t launch A new page: Adsense never wants to open ads in a new page.It’s right to open ads on the same page

    If you follow this posts you are a safe zone.No need to fear about AdSense account banned.


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