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Why did Mccain vote against the GI Bill to give VETERANS money for education????

Is this the type of support...

please don't spin this...I asked a very specific question: why did he vote against this particular bill? What was WRONG with it?


Li, what do you mean "leaving with all these benefits." You sound like...they don't deserve them???? Sounds to me like they absolutely do!!!!!!!!

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    Because of all the earmarks attached to it.

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    Get realistic.

    Nothing going on in Congress right now is what it seems.

    That Vets Higher Ed bill was a Trojan Horse proposed by the Democrats to stick it to Republicans in an election year.

    The first problem with it is that it lowers the amount of time necessary to qualify for benefits to three years, about the length of time of a single enlistment tour.

    From an economic angle, this is totally foolish.

    The cost of training a military member is very high and the system depends on retention of the servicemen for longer than that to be cost efficient.

    The Republicans have a bill that will give more benefits in exchange for longer tours, thereby increasing retention and helping the military.

    The Democrats were hoping to force Republicans to vote against it in an election year so they could use their individual votes against it for partisan political purposes.

    EXACTLY as your post is trying to do.

    The bill was further flawed because all sorts of pork, earmarks and non-germane amendments were strung all over it like a Christmas Tree.

    Members were taking advantage of the possibility that it might get through to advance and fund pet projects.

    McCain, most Republicans and a lot of Blue Dog Democrats knew that this was a bad bill, being pushed only for political reasons and voted against it.

    Great news for taxpayers!!! Somebody up there has common sense.

    There will be higher education benefits for veterans and they will make economic sense. The GOP has a bill that McCain is supporting along with a lot of responsible Democrats.

    It will get somewhere when the Democratic leadership decides to stop playing games with Vets' issues and pass a good bi-partisan bill for a change.

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    Do you have a link or just your word, because the last I heard about it he was behind the new bill the Rep's & some con Dem's were creating. So which is it. Oh it was just abill created to make Obama look like he is supportive of the troops, that is what we call an empty suit alright, & dirty politics using the military to gain points, weak.

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    The bill is choked down with earmarks from the dems and corrupt reps. Sen. Burr(NC) had a better Bill lined up, you can go on line and read these bills. while your there check out the war funding bill. these dems and reps cant keep their hands off of our money. Both parties suck. lets vote for a real change. Bob Barr. dont be afraid to leave your corrupt party.

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    An uneducated person does whatever he's told. How many college degree people join the military to sweep, fill sand bags, swab a ship, wash dishes etc?

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    Don't spin it, but your not even giving all the facts, now are you.

    The Dem's made the bill unacceptable even to some Dem's & it was covered in ear marks, He is suporting a new bill a bypartisan bill that works to benifit veterans doing at least 4 years.

    You talk about spin but you are the queen.

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    he voted against it because if the troops had more money for school they would then go to school instead of reenlisting. You can't fight in Iraq for the next 100 years if all your troops are taking advantage of a new GI Bill. This happend in WW II also troops left in huge numbers and it was hard to keep veteren troops in the service even after the war was over. Imagine how hard it would be to keep them with the war still going on.

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    Well, lets see he says he believes in small government, and low taxes... I don't see how paying for schooling for vetrans fit that mantra. Also, most soldiers already have their schooling paid for, get paid quite well, and can even get great deals on housing.... They deserve every bit of it, but they aren't working for free as it is.

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    His three son are in or going into the military, he has

    another plan, which is funded my general revenue.

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    because McCain don't care about our military men and women future after they have left their tour of duty. mcshame and bush are happy sending these young peoples to their death over in Iraq for their proxy war but there want be any support from McCain or bush for the one that make it home .

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