Translate tagalog Text into english for me?

Please translate this text message into english? Thank you

Hello chris... start na poh aku sa wrk ngaun... cguro sat & sun nlang aq mka2 pgtxt sau... cge poh ingat lge... god blez

HI tto, musta k? musta hn cousin ko jan? nababasa ko yung mga txt m ky nano, ok lung po ako, wla kmi pasok ngyon kc holday tto when k bablik d2? hehe mis u!

hi test q lang e2 txt mo aq sa isang cel pone q ha c chris 2 ingat lage.

hi good mownin! whats kip u bz kmain knb dyan? kauwi q lang d2 na aq sa house. Reply ka lang sa isang pone ha!

o nanga2muzta lang sau dyan? parang galit kba skin dq naman alam ang nagawa q? but anyway sana nasa mabuti kang kaiagayan!

Pssst muzta na nakuha mo um txt q sau kahapon?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Chris. I'm starting to work right now. maybe i'll be able to text you on Saturday or Sunday. Take care always. God bless.

    Hi uncle, how are you? how's my cousin there? I can read your text messages to Nano. I'm okay, we have no classes today because it's a holiday, uncle when will you come back here? I miss you!

    hi i'm just testing (this), text me in my other cellphone (number) this is chris take care always.

    hi Good morning! what's keeping you busy, have you eaten already? I just came home i'm here in the house. Reply to my other phone okay?

    Hey i'm just checking you out there? It's like your mad, are you mad at me i don't know what did i do wrong? But anyway I hope that you're in good condition there.

    Hey how are you did you get my text message for you yesterday?

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