I am trying to get a feeling for my new invention?

it is a wheelbarrow with a spare wheel. It means you'll never be stuck with a flat again!! Any thoughts?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Never display your invention on the internet again , somebody could steal your idea and gets it patent while you're still roaming around at home , good idea but an inconvinience to have to change the wheel when you can fix the flat just as fast, people will buy your product because I still see mason with flat tires everywhere , but it depends on how and where you install this spare tire , concrete work can be very messy and you don't want cement getting on the spare wheel , on the other hand it should be somewhere so it doesn't interfere with the movement of the wheelbarrow , when I used to have a flat wheelbarrow I used the fix-a-flat can spray that's used for automobiles and it not only pumped it right back up but it seals any holes you had , If the hole was big , I just plug it with the same plug used on automobiles , Now I don't have flat wheelbarrows anymore because I spray this sealer inside the wheel , a flexible liquid like solution that's also used on automobiles , it will seal the inside of the wheel so if anything punctures the wheel it'll automaticlly seals the hole , I don't know if you'd seen the commercial on tv about this product , a truck runs over a 2 x 4 fills with 16 d nails facing upwards , the truck never had a flat tire , well like I said , people are still getting flats because no matter what they make available out there , people would rather just wait till they have a flat to deal with it .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thats not an invention. its a spare wheel, it has been invented. You could invent a holder for the spare, but is wheelbarrow tire flats a major problem?

  • Rishi
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    1 decade ago

    According to little info u provided not in detail but still looks

    like wonderful invention keep working on it then u have to get

    the patent registered & u will get some good offers from some companys who wanna buy your invention u will be rich

    guy and have sucessful life good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This sucks.

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