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My coworker leaves her dog in the car during work?

It's a chihuahua..I know she leaves food/water in the car and she leaves all the windows open about an inch or two. We get a break every two hours, and she usually goes and walks the dog during her breaks.

Is this safe for the dog? Should I call the humane society people?

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    In certain localities, it's against the law to leave an animal in the car. Contact your local law enforcement to see what the law is in your area.

    Even though she cracks the windows, it may not be enough air to flow through to keep the temperatures comfortable. Your co-worker is also risking having somebody steal her dog by leaving it in the car or the dog jumping out of the car.

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    Even with the windows cracked, it still could get very hot. Tell her she should monitor the temp one day. Leave the dog and the windows cracked parked where she normally does, and check the temp every 5 minutes. See how hot it gets. She could stay in the car with the dog, but she would probably keep the temp up.

    I don't think it would be a big deal as long as the temperature is reasonable. She should talk to the vet to see exactly what that is. She should park in the shade when it is hot, and possible get a battery powered fan for the dog. She could probably get a small one for a few dollars.

    The dog certainly would have room to move since it is small, and it has access to water. It gets potty breaks and visits from its owner every few hours. That does not seem bad to me as long as the temperature stays reasonable.

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    Sounds like this lady feels guilty for leaving her dog home alone and wants to take care of it during the day, which makes her a good owner,....BUT....but like most people she may not be aware that just a few minutes...not hours, but MINUTES in a hot car will literally fry the dog's brains. Now the question for you is, how hot is too hot? Well just add about 15 degrees to the outside temperature and that's the temp inside the car. Test it yourself by sitting inside your car for 5 minutes with the car off and see how it feels. Don't be afraid to make an anonymous call to the humane society. She will learn a lesson hopefully.

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    If your co-worker cannot take care of her dog during the day, perhaps she should use a dog-walking service or a dog daycare. It's completely unacceptable for her to be leaving her dog in her car while she's at work, regardless of how many times she leaves to walk her dog or how much food and water is left.

    Cracked windows offer the opportunity for someone to steal her dog, or for the dog to escape (even if the windows are "only cracked a little"). Not only that, but they don't provide for enough air flow to cool the dog during the day (assuming it gets hot where you live)

    Would you leave a 5 year old child in a car unattended for the length of time that you stayed at work?

    I would suggest either talking to your coworker about alternative options or calling the humane society or a local rescue.

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    If I were in your shoes, here is what I would do:

    Check into the laws in your area. There might be rules against it in the first place.

    Then, I would tell the co-worker that you're afraid somebody might call the police or animal control on her and she would get into trouble. Let her know of any rules against it that you find.

    Just the fact of you telling her that you think somebody might do it allows you to be the concerned person who has her best interest in mind. She might stop doing it just because you mentioned it.

    If she doesn't stop, and you live in a place with extreme weather - I would definately report it.

    If it's nice out and you don't feel the weather is dangerous, even though it's weird, it's probably not that terrible.

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    The weather is getting to hot for the dog to be in the car...the dog should NOT BE IN THE need to tell her that if the dog is not taken out of the car you will call Animal Welfare. And don't give her 24 hours...give her 5 minutes. She needs to make better arrangements for her dog than this. This is not the proper place for a dog to be...the dog has no place to move around and roam...if it was a child would she leave the child in the car? You should always treat an animal as if it were a family member. She shouldn't have this pet. She is not being responsible at all, someone could steal it or it could jump out of a window or absolutely anything. Talk to her now and if she does nothing call Animal Welfare NOW!!!

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    is she doing this on a regular basis if she is i would you never leave a dog in a car for long periods of time is it walked if not then have a word with her with summer coming and the weather hotting up it is so dangerous a dog can die does she leave water for it i would talk to her first if she doesnt listen call the police or your local animal society for rescue what she is doing is so dangerous to the dogs health and the safety of the dog if someone broke a window in the car the dog could be seriously injured or killed

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    In the summer months this is not safe for the dog. Perhaps then she will leave him home. She is at risk of someone stealing the dog out of the car.

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    No this is not safe for the dog under any conditions, this is a small breathing living animal why cant she bring into her work area as long as the dog is in a dog carrier and not any harm to any one, and yes you should say some ting to her most states will take te dog and fine the owner no matter what tempters is out side.

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    call humane society then it can stay in a small wire cage all day. peeing and pooping on a cold concrete floor. and fight with other dogs for food. and when no one comes for him after so long get the great final shot

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