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what were the reasons or causes for world war II?

What battles or other events impacted the outcome?

what difference did victory or defeat mean?

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    Haha I love this, the same WW2 questions come up at least 3 times a day.

    The main cause of World War II was the Versailles Treaty. It treated the German people unfairly, and unjustly so. The world's hate for the German people at that time was unjustified, especially since they weren't the cause for World War I. Hitler used his great ability to speak to large groups of people to his advantage when he came to power. Granted he had help, as his people killed or imprisoned his political enemies, but thats not the point. He got the German people, who at this point had been in a depression for over 10 years, so angry at the world, that they would basically follow him anywhere. He blamed all German problems on everyone else, especially the Jews. One of the provisions in the Versailles treaty was that the Germans had land taken away from them. Hitler wanted this land back. So while France and Britain sat and watched, Hitler and his blitzkrieg army marched all over austria, belguim, czecoslavakia, and then he teamed up with Russia to tag team Poland which fell in three days. Only when Nazi Germany invaded France did anyone begin to give a damn.

    Now on the Pacific front, the Japanese wanted access to the oil rich Middle East and Alaska, but to do that they knew they had to take out the U.S. So they planned a well-thought out surprise attack on the U.S. Navy, planning to cripple the United States. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese carried out their attack on Pearl Harbor. It may have crippled the Navy fleet for a little bit, but it didn't have much outcome on the war. All they did was "awaken a sleeping giant".

    Major battles: Europe: Battle of the Bulge- Stalingrad- Battle of Britain- Battle for the Hague- St. Nazaire Raid- Normandy Invasion (D-day)- Battle of Dunkirk

    Pacific: Pearl Harbor- Iwo Jima- Coral Sea- Phillipines- Midway- Doolittle's Raid- Battle of Guam- Wake Island- Bataan- Corregidor

    The difference in victory and defeat was life or death. If America lost to the Japanese in WW2 and Hitler took over Europe then we would be living a life of tyranny

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    The reasons were many, and complex, but had to do with Germany taking (or retaking) lands that they considered to be historically and culturally part of the Germanic empire.

    What battles impacted the outcome? Every single battle that was fought between 1939 and 1945 impactted the outcome.

    What difference did victory or defeat mean? Aw, come on. You know the answer to that. Victory means the Allies won, Defeat meant the Allies lost and you would be sending your message in German.

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    Versailles Treaty

    Depression in all of Europe

    Hitler's pact with Stalin - ensuring of not fighting on 2 different fronts at the same time.

    A promise from England and France to protect Poland against Germany (Much of Poland was German land before WW1)

    Japan's need for natural resources to be competitive with the rest of the world, Japan's wanting to be accepted as an equal to the major powers of the world in a very short time. Getting snubbed by major powers even after defeating Russia. American's desire to expand into the Pacific and follow in the footsteps of Europe.

    The major battle of the war was Moscow, had the Germans continued on instead of waiting till their detachments came back and made it to Moscow 4 weeks earlier, the reinforcements wouldn't have arrived and they would have taken the city. (no that doesn't mean complete victory but the Pshche of Russia would have been destroyed) The germans would not have fallen back but would have stayed put. Russia basically out of the war by 1942 and all the German strength put into Africa and the British isles.

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    - The treaty of Versailles (Germany felt unfairly treated)

    - The rise of Hitler in Germany, and his determination to take over Europe.


    - Battle of Britain, 1941, significant victory against the Germans

    -D-Day Landings

    some events- well i suppose to a certain extent the Greek defeat of Italy in Albania meant that the Germans had to invade Greece which gave Russia more time to prepare, and in the end win the war.

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    Don't have time to answer the whole thing, but an interesting event that effected the outcome, was the British discovering an intact German Enigma Machine (code breaker) off of one of the sunken U-boats. Or was it a regular ship? (not sure) This machine allowed them to intercept all secret German communications giving the allies a huge advantage.

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