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Can anyone,Name 3 Actresses who you feel are good "Role Models" for todays aspiring young actresses?

Bottom Line

Can they "Act "

Can they "Think"

are they truly creative?

Who are they and what do they do outside of acting, in the "real world"...

Please name 3 Actresses ( past or present) who you feel have truly been "actors" , not just a "Celebrity" and good role models for todays aspiring Young Actresses.

This is NOT about how much $$ they made, but the quality of their work and Life style.

Thanks !

In addition :

Do you have any top picks of Women Directors, Writers, Producers ?

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    Celebrities are not good role models, and neither are actresses, directors and so on, at least not at a personal level.

    How can we know if the person in question can 'think' well? Or even if they are truly creative.

    All we see are carefull edited interviews and the occasional paparazzi shot.

    If an actress can act, that's great ~ she can do her job.

    Asking anything more is simply another ridiculous manifestation of the cult of celebrity.

    Writers are a differenht kettle of fish because we SEE and read the products of their minds and imaginations, and can thus make a judgement of some kind about their thought processes and ability, although deciding something about them *personally* based on their writings is simply silly.

    Cheers :-)

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    Actually, no - I can't. Not right off the top of my head....

    I take the notion of 'role models' very seriously. I think that anyone who accepts that role or recognizes the benefits of it need to hold themselves above others in their actions and deeds. And truly, how can any of us know how people live their lives when we don't actually know them?

    As for actresses that should inspire young women...again...I don't see many today. I think the characteristics that should be admired are versatility in roles and abilities and a strong work ethic.

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    Selena Gomez, she is a great actress and a good role model for young kids, she is always off trouble, never involved in gossip, pretty, she can sing, great personality.

    Hayden Panettiere, great actress, great personality, pretty, off troubles, she can sing and dance. She cares about animals, environment, etc.

    Hilary Duff. Great actress, singer, she may not be the best but she is a great role model for young girls and even adults, she is pretty, off troubles, she says that her family helps her to be off trouble and focused on her career.

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    Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore and Jodie Foster

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    Angelina Jolie, minus the husband stealing stuff....she does great work for children, and the less fortunate.

    Cameron Diaz, she's just a good actress, without a lot of scandal.

    Oprah, I know she only had one movie, but she's a great gal!

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    Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, and Anna Paquin.

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    Here are are a list of the top ones according to :Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and Mandy Moore.

    Female directors:

    Female writers:

    Female producers:

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    Paris, Brittney, Lindsay, Nicole... the world is full of wonderful actresses and role models...

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    Just think of anyone except those three idiotic, tabloid-omnipresent females, who have little to no acting talent but people seemed to be fixated with.

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    paris britney spheres oprah all of em exude a charmin balance of the two extremes of femminism n intelllignce they r perfect role models

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