Why aren't Europeans fat?

When i was in Europe i couldn't even a find an obese person, and younger men and women were build like models.

Why aren't they fat????

And i also noticed that they don't really care about low fat products, and they are still not fat.

Why is that?

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    Uh...yeah. There are definitely fat people in Europe. I don't know where you were, but they are there; some answerers have told you about it. [Depending upon where you are in the US, you might also see a lot more fat people; people are much fatter, generally, in Michigan...well, at least in the Southern Lower Peninsula...than in California, say. Part of THAT is that the general climate is so much better in California for doing things all year 'round, even if you are not a big winter-activities fan.]

    It _is_ the case--this has been talked about a lot in the media--that Americans eat out a lot, and when we do this, we tend to eat pretty horrible foods (very fatty themselves). Also, we tend to eat quickly (rather than taking time; the time delay on the "hey, I'm full" meter is such that it is NOT instantenous, so it is relatively easy to overeat if you are eating quickly). We tend to eat a lot of processed foods; Europeans often go the market quite frequently, buy fresh things, and prepare them that day--higher-quality food, self-prepared, and longer meals.

    Also, portion sizes tend to be much larger here, and things such as "all-you-can-eat buffets" give you a psychological edge of wanting to "get your money's worth"...which leads to eating an extra <whatever> which is TOO much food.

    Many Americans have "creeping weight gain", based upon the fact that, FOR THEIR LEVEL OF ENERGY *USE* (activity), THEY EAT TOO MANY CALORIES. It is enough calories that to NOT eat the excess tends to make one feel hungry...and if the body thinks you are starving, it decides food is scarce and actually is working against your efforts. So a part of the equation is that we tend to be TOO sedentary.

    Remember the whole slew of electric appliances which came out in...well, probably the late 50s, the 60s, and 70s? Well, there were attempts to boost electricity consumption, but they also ended up meaning that we did less, ourselves, even in preparing food--electric vs. hand can openers, mixers/beaters, etc., etc., etc.

    More importantly, as at least one answerer pointed out, Europeans tend to walk more. This is partly because, when you go to Europe, you'll end up often being in the large towns, and where there is SUCH a population density that it is similar to NYC: having a car can be a negative, and public transit or walking/cycling are much easier. This makes it better, because they have built into their days some amount of good, healthy exercise...rather than taking it all out via "time-saving" efforts, and then having to put it back in as the drudgery of "now I have to exercise by going to a gym, etc."...which makes little sense and is a costly way to incorporate more movement/activity! (At the other extreme are small towns, which are easy to get around by walking/biking, even if there isn't much public transit; and trains are well-developed in Europe, so that trips can be and generally are done by train. So cars are not as necessary there as here, where pop'n density is low, sprawl is great--so you NEED to go FAR...look at how compact much of Paris is, or how small/cozy Florence is...and public transit is often dirty, etc.

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    Well they say most Americans are fat but here in Studio City (Los Angeles) all the girls are shaped like models and the men are muscular/fit. I guess you went to one of those European cities where beauty and looks come first.

    Obesity is an epidemic worldwide and the rest of the world is starting to catch up. You can blame Restaurants, digital cable, and video games for that.

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    Maybe it's because the fat content of a foodstuff has no bearing on how much weight it will cause you to put on, only the calories do.

    In fact fat is difficult to process, an all-fat diet would be a slimming one.

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    Did you visit England? Most women over 30 are pretty fat. Europeans don't live a life as fast paced as Americans and don't eat fast food as much mostly. Also they walk a lot.

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    After visiting Rome and hardly anyone was fat I came to the conclusion that the reason they were so trim was a combination of:-

    Lots of walking.

    Living in old apartments that don't have lifts (lots of stairs to walk up!).

    Eating fresh, wholesome food.

    Eating sensible portions of food.

  • Mojito
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    What country????

    Europe is a Continent with many countries!!!!

    You yanks just don't get that!

    So yeah in some countries people are skinnier because they don't stuff there faces with all that fatty American fast food stuff, but in other European countries like, England they are almost like the Americans and many are over weight!

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    "When i was in Europe i couldn't even a find an obese person, "

    -Obviously you weren't looking very hard. I saw more than one, but on average, yes there are less than other places....

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    Come to Germany where every meal is pork, and most people indulge in way too much McDonalds. Trust me, there are plenty of fat people here.

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    Have you been to Glasgow?

    There are actually plenty of fat people all over Britain. And Slovakia and Greece don't come far behind.

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    Eastern europeans seem to be stocky and Italians and Greeks are known to expand with age...but these are just seryotypes of course.

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