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Guillermo coria is back?

Today I was looking at the tennis results from the Grand Prix Hassan II tournament at Casablanca only to notice the name Guillermo Coria who beat Polansky in 3 sets. I had pretty much forgotten about him. When got to the final of Roland Garros he looked a fantastic player yet after problems including injuries he seemingly disappeared. I do not know how long he has been back but isn't great to see one of the better clay courters return?

Anyway I would like to know if you think he has got what it takes to return to the top and if he is a contender for Roland Garros? probably a bit early I know but still, What do you think?

ps is Gustavo Kuerten playing at the French this year I heard he was to play a few tournaments in preparation but picked up an injury. Does he still intend to play?

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    Coria has played some clay court tournaments in South America this year but he is miles away from his form he had back in 2004. he will be no way a contender for the RG title.

    Guga is also playing this years French Open as the last tournament on his farewell tour. he got a wildcard. after the FO he will retire definitely.

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    I certainly hope Coria will make a good showing at the French. For a while there, he was one of the most exciting new tennis players to watch.

    I don't know if Guga is still playing in the French, but I do know he's announced he's retiring after the French.

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    yes. kuerten recieved a wildcard entry. and coria will most likely have to go through quallies. but unless something happens between now and next monday guga will be present.

    as for they being contenders....probably not. kuerten just wants to try to get through a couple rounds and say goodbye to the slam that gave him so many memories. and coria,he just isn't match tough enough to be a factor nor has he faced many of the top players. so unless,by some incredible miracle,i feel his run will be short-lived.

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    well sorry to disappoint but Coria does not stand a chance anymore, he is the male version of Hingis. The physicality's of the game has taken them over and they are no longer able to play at a competitive level.

    As well for poor Guga that hip replace ment did him no favors... he has never been able to grind again poor guy he really had something cut short in his prime.

    In Coria's case what goes around comes around !

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    Like you, I noticed his name also from the results and must say nice to see him back. However, having been away for a while, and despite his play on clay, I dont see him making too much noise as yet, but the matches he plays will certainly head him back into the right direction where he was and should be. Hopefully his head is on right, mentally stronger,, and is over his injuries, and can now display his talent wisely.

  • Sorry, but I could care less if Coria returns to the tour or not. He acts like a spoiled brat which always detracted from his on court potential for me.

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    coria is playing the french, he's taking andy roddick's place.-

    let's see how he does, argentinians have a good history of feeling andy's spot, remember nalbandian won the masters cup in 2005, when he took andy's place.-

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    Beating Roman Polansky doesn't mean he's back.

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    back on drugs agen ya

    prob doobies dis time

  • Anonymous
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    i think not!

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