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Is swirling my small makeup brushes on a bar soap a good way to clean it?

because i use gel eyeliner everyday and i don't want the eyeliner to dry hard on my brush, i've been swirling my mac 208 on a bar of hand/body soap followed by rinsing it thoroughly under the tap.

i know the usual method is to swirl the brush in a container with shampoo and water (or any other brush cleaners), but i just don't have the time for this early in the morning.

is this a good way to clean my brush? will this damage it? (because i do want it to last as long as possible)

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    Thats exactly how I clean my eyeshadow applicators and I leave them to dry naturally by a window... I reckon its fine - I haven't had any probs yet..

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    soap can be harsh and drying to natural hair bristles. I know it's faster that way, but tis harsh!

    If you're gonna wash it on a bar of soap, I'd suggest you get some handcrafted soap. It's more moisturizing, as the glycerin is left in the soap.

    Store brand soaps, the natural occuring glycerin is removed and used to make shampoo and lotion and stuff.

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