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About a famous song.?

The song is "Stag-O-Lee". I know there're a lot of different versions about "Stag-O-Lee" or "Stagger Lee" etc. I just wonder the version appears in the movie "Grindhouse-Death Proof" by Quentin Jerome Tarantino, goes with "It was early early one morning, when I heard my bulldog bark, were Stag-O-Lee and Billy DeLyon..." Who's the singer of this version? And what's the genre?

FYI, here's the address of the song.

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    1 decade ago
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    The band's name is "Pacific Gas & Electric". The song is titled "Staggolee". The album it appeared on was called "Are You Ready?". The lead singer of the band was Charlie Allen. The year the song was released was 1970. The bands name was originally The Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band. Then it was shortened to Pacific Gas and Electric. Then finally the utility company said they had to change it once again. The final name was P G & E.

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