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Can I get into these colleges?

My freshman and sophmore GPA's were very low. (Just barely making the 2.0 mark) This isn't because i'm a slacker, but because my mother was ran over by a car at the beginning of my freshman year and she was in and out of the hospital having surgeries both years. So I was always by her side.

-My junior year gpa is a 4.0

-Latin club 10th and 11th grade

-Cross country 11th grade

-2350 combined SAT scores

Next year i'm taking 3 AP classes and 3 honors classes, If I volunteer and do community service, do more extracurriculars next year, and get straight A's next year do I have a chance of getting into these colleges:

University of Washington

Seattle University

Seattle Pacific University

Evergreen State College

If not, what can I do to raise my chances of getting in? I live in Florida, so I don't know if that makes it harder for me to get in since i'm out of state.

Sorry, i've asked this before. I'm just stressed and I need to know!

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    I think your chances are very good. You will want to include in your personal essay the circumstances of your freshman and sophomore year. Don't write it in a way where you want them to feel sorry for you, write it about how you supported your mother while still working hard at school. Write about how the experience helped you to grow as a son/daughter, a person and a student. Your junior year grades are the most important. If you show AP classes and a high SAT score; along with volunteer work and community service; with a great essay and strong letters of recommendation, I don't think your freshman and sophomore GPA will get in your way. If the required essay topics don't allow you to touch on your experience with your mothers incident, write an additional essay to explain your freshman and sophomore grades. With special circumstances an extra essay is acceptable and encouraged. Your chances are as good as anybody else. Good Luck!

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    I am not a college counselor or a college admissions officer, but many undergraduate schools are looking for a diverse, well-rounded student body to flesh out their predominantly in-state demographics. Living in Florida should not be a big determiner in your acceptance, and for the smaller schools, it may even help.

    The freshman and sophomore year GPAs could be cause for concern if left unaddressed. In writing your application essay try to paint a picture of how your mother's car accident was a difficult and challenging time for you, but by your junior year you had gotten yourself back on track and achieved a 4.0.

    Good luck with your applications.

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    If you follow up with your above plan, you're good ;) But talk to a school advisor as well. you shouldn't be asking these types of loaded question online! silly. You're a smart kid, so take 15 min out of your day and go to the office! PS state colleges are very forgiving to applicants who may not do well in their first year or two of high school but then improve greatly over time. In fact, it makes you stick out as good 'potential'... after going through something tragic like you did, and rising above it and working out the difficulties, this shows the admission offices that you're strong willed and will fight hard to get what you want and that you bounce back easily from life's difficulties.

    Source(s): Goodluck kid! Keep your head up... and your grades :)
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    I'd say you probably have a good chance, many colleges will look mostly at your junior and senior gpa's any way, if you show improvement then they won't pay as much attention to your freshman and sophomore grades (although they are still important) and you have good extracurriculars, so I'd say you have a good chance... I don't know much about those colleges though...

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    i think youve got a very good chances. you seemed to have showen considerable improvement and maturity your jr year BUT a 4.0 doesnt mean anything unless we factor in what kind of courses you take. however, you have good SAT scores and the fact that youre out of state gives you a definite advanatge.

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    I live in washington and looked at all those schools before i decided, tons of people from out of state go to them everywhere, it doesnt matter if you're out of state or not,i'm sure you'll get in. E

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    Watch the movie Rudy.

    you can do anything....

    you might have to show up at football practice and get worked

    over like a red headed step child....but it will payoff in the end.

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    All of those schools are "reach schools" to any student, even valedictorians. Although you stand a chance, and should apply.

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    It is possible, but we are not the college counselors, so we really couldn't tell you.

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