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    Your excellency participates in this preferential benefit plan to be possible to enjoy many 5% preferential benefits compared to the ordinary plan.

    This may know clearly the visitor the related project the price.

    This may maintain the company the good impression.

    We mainly can use the telephone reply suit, minority causes to use electricity postal or the correspondence.

    We suggested sets up a bulletin board.

    Moreover lets us know these places need to improve.

    This is helpful us to analyze visitor's material, for example: Likes, buying goods quantity and so on; In order to mail the related news to refer in the future to opposite party.

    We can formulate some management and the communication facilities.

    Like this facilitates us to manage the member, as well as notice parties concerned's knowledge news.

    We suggested develops “the multi-purpose pencil” to take using of the new product.

    We can establish a suit system, in order to process visitor's suit.

    All person concerned's name and the telephone number can arrange in order in the name list.

    This may assist the electricity postal related information to give the visitor.

    I thought your firm the scale suits me to develop the enterprise very much in here.

    We can act according to the different category the visitor provides the different preferential benefit.

    We speak the regular electricity postal related information to give the customer.

    Because this product has in the market dives highly the nature.

    This will facilitate us in the future using of the work.

    Adds on us to have the foot resources development related project.

    Like this quite is easy to calculate the result result and the convenience appraisal performance.

    This provision can the clear series printing in the contract.

    We suggested uses “each company customer” to take the achievement unit of measurement.

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    You attends this special plan and can compare a common plan to possess much 5% special discounts.

    This can make the guest clearly know the price concerning item.

    This can keep the good impression of company.

    We mainly use the hurl of the telephone reply to tell, few usage emails or letter.

    We suggest to establish a public notice plank.

    And let us know that those places need to be improved.

    This has already helped the data that we analyze a guest, for example:Love, buy goods an amount etc.;So that the mailing makes reference to for the other party concerning the message in the days to come.

    We will draw up some managements and means of communication.

    Thus convenience we management member of team, and notice the Xun of the knowing of parties concerned.

    We suggest that the development"multi-function pencil" is for new product.

    We will build up a hurl to tell system, for the purpose of the processing guest's hurl tell.

    All names concerning personage and telephone numbers all will the row is on the list.

    Can help email's relevant information to the guest like this.

    I think that the scale of your company suits me fines very much to develop business here.

    We will provide a different special discount according to the guest of different category.

    We will the relevant information of the periodical email give customer.

    Because this product has high Qian quality in the market.

    This convenience we work in the days to come of use.

    Plus us to have enough resource development concerning the item.

    Like this and a little bit easily calculate result result and convenience to evaluate a performance.

    This item will know to print out on the contract.

    We suggest to use"each customer of company" as the unit of the accomplishment calculation.

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