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內容大綱是 銷售員向其他人推銷產品 及解說產品等等內容!

簡單對話也可以 附中文翻譯 ! 英文白痴在此由衷感謝 !

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    maria(以下簡稱 m): excuse me, sir, have you seen this product before?

    customer(以下簡稱c): no, i haven't.

    m: well, it's called the Pocket Reader. would you like a quick demonstration to see you how it works?

    c: all right.

    m: may i use your newspaper?

    c: yes, here you are.

    m: thank you. ok, now, first i press this little button to switch it on and then i move it across the top of the article like this...

    m: ... and you can read the sentences i've scanned here in the little window.

    c: ohh!! oh, yes! yes, very impressive. this is the kind of thing my customers might go for.

    m: what they'll most appreciate is that it can be used anywhere - away from the office, their computer. and as you just saw, it's easy to use and it's easy to give your customers a quick demonstration - and then ask them to try it for themselves.

    c: well!!

    m: it takes no time to learn how to use.

    c: yes.

    m: and it's totally reliable - we do have no quibble return policy, but so far nobody has sent one back to us with any fault. so you won't have to worry about providing servicing.

    c: oh, good.

    m: but in the unlikely event of any problems, you just send the faulty product back to us and we'll replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

    c: ok.

    Source(s): from my english book
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