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The board of directors of the swim club had refrained from issuing new shares in the past because there never was a very great demand, and the demand that did exist was usually absorbed within a year by stock turnover. In addition, the board has a real concern about overcrowding. It seemed like the present membership was about right, and there were very few complaints about overcrowding, except on holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. However, at a recent board meeting, a number of new applicants had attended and asked the board to issue new shares. In addition, a number of current shareholders suggested that this might be an opportunity for the club to raise some capital for needed repairs and to improve some of the existing facilities. This was tempting to the board. Although it had set the share price at $500 in the past, the board could set it at a much higher level now. In addition, an increase in attendance could created a need for more lifeguards.

Before the board of directors could make a decision on whether to sell more shares and, if so, how many, the board members felt they needed more information. Specifically, they would like a forecast of the average number of people ( family members, guests, etc.) who might attend the pool each day during the summer, with the current number of shares.

The board of directors has the following daily attendance records for June through August from the previous summer; it thinks the figures would provide accurate estimates for the upcoming summer:

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    游泳俱樂部的董事會在過去不發行新股,是因為沒有太多的需求,就算有需求也總是立即在一年内被轉手吸收。況且董事會也擔心到是否會過度擁擠。看來目前的會員數很剛好, 也幾乎沒聼過抱怨太擁擠, 除非假日, 例如陣亡將士紀念日,及國慶日。但 在最近的一次董事會, 有一些新申請者參加並要求董事會發行新股而且一些目前股東也建議俱樂部用這個機會募集資金用於必要的修理及改善一些目前的設備。這建議相當誘惑董事會, 以前的股價定在500 元, 現在董事會可能定稍高價。



    董事會有去年夏天6 月到8月份每天來俱樂部的人數紀錄。 他們認爲該數字可以提供今年夏季的準確預計。

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    因為非常大的要求沒決定,游泳俱樂部的理事會,等候了,並且過去發行新股,吸收了在通常,1年以內由於庫存轉彎存在了的要求。 並且,板,有使之混亂關於的真的擔心。 看起來好像有現在的會員資格大部分確實,除了陣亡者追悼紀念日和美國獨立紀念日等的假日,使之混亂有關的些許的一點點的意見。 然而,最近的幹事會議,多新的應募者,象發行新股一樣地出席板,請求了。 並且,是說不定多的現在的股東,為了需要這個俱樂部的修理的籌措幾個資金,改良幾個既存的設施的機會的暗示了。 這個板誘惑著。 那個過去以500美元設定了股票價格,不過,委員會現在,用對遙遠高(貴)的水平能設定那個吧。 加添,能出席的增加那樣做的聯繫,製作了更多的救助員的必要性。

    幹事,如果,並且據說感到他們把詳細的信息作為必要,以前理事會,是不是賣掉更多的股票關於決定完成了,什麼。 對明確,他們想要說不定每天夏天之間以份額的最新號出席游泳池的人們(親屬,客人等)的平均了的數的預測。

    理事會,有為了從6月開始前面的從夏天開始的8月的以下的每天的出席記錄。 那,想數字提供為了這次的夏天的正確的估計的:

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