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  • 1 decade ago
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    您可以用奇摩網站去翻譯 有些看起來會怪怪的 但是您可以就裡面的部分去調整 加油喔

    I thought regardless of the family member were is injured, suffers

    from has contracted serious illness perhaps the time passage gradually

    is old, we all should not think the trouble, toed spurn they, even did

    not attend to theirs hard work. Perhaps, as it concerns us, perhaps

    can create our puzzle, but, how said again they all are the person

    which and we has the extremely intimate blood relationship relations

    in this world! Moreover, how the supposition did we fall ill today

    perhaps, the family member could throw us to the one side? Therefore,

    we all should treasure us well the family member, and each minute each

    second being together, regardless of has had any matter, the family

    members all are we most important "the intimate spouse".

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  • Kim
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    1 decade ago



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    我想你應該可以自助,利用 Google 翻譯就可以





    I think both families are injured, suffering from a serious illness or age gradually Laoqu, we should not think that trouble, spurned by them, or even ignored in their lives. Perhaps, for us, I am afraid we will cause problems, however, that no matter how they are in this world and we have a very close relationship between the blood of people ah! Moreover, if we fall ill or how the family will throw us in the side? » Therefore, we should cherish the good of our families, and to every second of every live, no matter what had happened, their families are our most important "intimate love."

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