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How to write an English letter


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    Date : 20th May 2008

    Attn: The Manager



    Dear Sir,

    Re: Order Number XXXX (要畫底線哦)

    The above order number refers. I have placed the order on 15th May 2008, unfortunately until today I still haven't received my magazine.

    Please check and advise the delivery status as soon as possible. My contact number is 09xxxxxxx or you can email me at

    Your prompt reply will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    - 簽名 -


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    To whom this may concern:

    We/I ordered a shipment of (物品) on (日期) from (貴公司) but it still hasn’t arrived yet.

    Please advise current situation and follow ups as to the process of this shipment so far as well as the reason for why is has yet to arrive.

    I look foward to your reply.

    Best regards




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    Dear xxx Magazine,

    I ever ordered a magazine from your company,

    but I have not received it until today.

    Would you please check for me why I still have not received my magazine.

    My name is xxx, my order number is xxx.

    If you need any further information, just contact me anytime.

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