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  • 妤蓁
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    1 decade ago
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    Sisyphus (sisyphus) Happiness suppose proposition is essential in its motive,the getting getting more more fantastic, because the absurdity can't tell us it is happy and unfortunate what is meant by; Add Miao (camus) Suppose Sisyphus is happy, accord with people's dignity because he only thinks happy life. Resist and reflect dignity. Sisyphus for fine forever, but happiness, this one resistance definitely responsibility, it is the only possible resistance form under this kind of condition too. Add Miao when it is happy that suppose Sisyphus, fully use and imagine and arbitrary, its unspoken words in a play, but a need of human dignity.

    add Miao mythology is it liken life to come then with west thread, probe into question and value of life that commit suicide. Made use of thising, he has introduced fantastic doctrine philosophy, this philosophy thinks the life nonsensical, except that the value that we structure out has no value. He asks to people, in such a trifling world, what besides also doing to commit suicide?


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Happiness of the cc Fu Si(sisyphus) supposes of put forth, its essence motive, not at fantastic, because of fantastic can't tell us to what is meant by happiness and unfortunate;Of so adding Mou(camus) suppose cc Fu Si is happy, is because he thinks only happy life just dignity according to person.Resist a talent body now dignity.Cc Fu Si in order to always punish, the responsibility is also happy, this is absolutely 1 kind to resist, is also only in this case possibility of resist a form.Add Mou is supposing the cc Fu time that Si is happy, made the most of an imagination and only break, its Qian pedestal phrase, but is mankind dignified of demand.

    Add Mou to use the west clue Fu Si myth parable life, inquired into the problem of the suicide and the value of the life.With this he led to go into fantastic doctrine philosophy, this philosophy thinks the life is unmeaningful, in addition to we set up of the value didn't be worth.He asks question toward people, in this trivial details of in the world, in addition to what can the suicide also do?


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