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soars on my tongue when i am sick, what are they?

ok, when i am sick i get these soar like things on my tongue, well there not really soars it more looks like my tongue has went raw in places and they don't really hurt. um, i usually get them when i have strep throat. of course that also when i am taking antibiotics. my question is what are these soars. im not worried about them or anything, i just want to know what they are from. i have thought that they are either from the strep throat, the medicine, or from me runninng a fever, which i usually only do with strep.

just wanting to know what these things are.

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    this either fungal infections usua white in color or just some sore due to weekness in immunity usually painful

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    OK - disclaimer - ask your Dr. to be sure.

    Now, I get these occasionally too, assuming they're the same thing... its generally caused by a lack of lysine in your diet. Most pharmacies sell L-Lysine tablets over the counter. Otherwise, just wait for them to go away - they're not harmful.

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