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Did I seriously just miss Jon Lester's entire no-hitter?

I didn't get to watch the Red Sox game at all tonight because I was doing homework. I just finished (yeah, I know, 11 East Coast time is too late to finish homework), so I decided to check the Red Sox website to see the game score..and Jon Lester threw a no-hitter!


Anyone else feel like disconnected from their team this season because they haven't been watching as many games?

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    Congratulations to John Lester from a Yankee Fan. U can always try & watch the Reapeat if they gave the game on NESN(Hope they got it right). While i would like to watch as many games as i can of the Yankees i don't always get that chance due to thigns going on in my life so it's understandable if we don't get to see all the games even though we would like to.

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    It's better than the story of the two guys who caught the back-to-back foul balls at last week's Dodgers game! : ) Rocco is wrong, we Red Sox fans have never wanted to trade Lester. After our losing our years and years of frustration, and seeing the way the 2004 World Series was turned around, we tend to focus on the up and coming talent of players that we believe in, not on the things they are doing wrong. Especially in a guy like Jon Lester, who had just beat cancer. Come on! We knew there was a reason for his slump!! Lester pitched an amazing game. What adds to this story and makes it that much better is the fact that you could sense the rest of the team standing up and giving him the support. Their game became his game, and vice versa. Every guy out there on that field was focused on one goal and that was to get Lester through with his no-hitter. Truly amazing teamwork and showmanship on every man's part. Definitely best story of the year, so far. Let's see what else can happen, there's still lots of baseball to be played!!

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    Well I grew up in Boston and lived there for 15 years, now I live in Las Vegas. So it sucks a lot! They had the Cubs and Astros game on. seriously who would wanna see that sh*t. They had that insead of the Lester's no hitter. ESPN and Fox West Sucks. You rarely can find a Sox game if you live out here unless you get that thing but its just not the same.

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    I live in Fargo, ND and I love Boston sports. I never get to see a game. Which sucks a lot. All I get to see it the Twins, which I don't like. As for Jon Lester's no-hitter, I saw only highlights on ESPN, that it.

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    I watched it tonight on NESN and let me tell you it was wicked awesome to see him do that. Seeing all that he has been through he earned it and worked his *** off for it.

    NESN showed a class of graduating 8th graders that got tickets to the game as a gift and they also got another great gift seeing Lester throw a no hitter.

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    i didn't pay attention to it because it was Kansas City. Also nobody at my school was talking about it. i found out from my mom (who knows nothing about baseball). I don't know how the Red Sox throw all these no hitters

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    That sucks! I would be mad if I missed a no hitter for my team.

    But I feel ya. I feel like I am either always at school or work. There are quite a few Yankee games I missed. Luckily school is over so I'll have more time. And school should be over for you soon.

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    I feel disconnected because my team hasn't been winning many games. I have heard every loss however. Yay me!

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    You should check out It would've warned you in the Top of the 8th.

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    It will be replayed on NESN today at 2pm

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