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My Birthday Is dec 1st Should i have my birthday November 22 nd<- 8 days before my birthday. But also two days Thanksgiving! Or Dec 6th <-- 5 days after my birthday?

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    Have it after your birthday so it won't seem like a bust when you've already celebrated a week before it.

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    Why not have it on your birthday?

    If these 2 dates are the only ones that work, go with 6th of Dec. That way you'll have more time to plan and people won't worry about presents being given before your actual birthday and things like that

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    I assume you want to go out and celebrate and cant on your actual birthday--I dont know--I tend to figure if I cant do it on my birthday or within a day I dont worry about it.

    If I have to give an answer based on your preferences I would go for the 6th----You can incorporate some of the fun of the holidays with your celebration that way.

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    hey. my birthday is on Dec 1st too.

    Im guessing your talking about a party.

    I would choose to have my birthday party on Dec 6th.

    Its closer to the birth date and its during the same month of the birthday.

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    I'd go with the 5 days after because that way all your holidays are spread out. You'll have time to cool off from thanksgiving (maybe lose a few if you eat a big meal :P ), celebrate our birthday, then have christmas/haunikuh or whatever your religion might be, just my thoughts. hope they helped !

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    There are usually a lot more conflicts with the time just after thanksgiving. I know it is a HUGE sports weekend in the south with many big rivalry games being played. I would shoot for the later choice.

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    Do it after. Just have a small party with your family on your real birthday, then follow it up 5 days later with a smashing party!

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    November 22nd because nobody wants to wait afer their birthday to get presents! And besides, Thanksgiving isn't as big as a holiday as christmas :D

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    Dec 6th

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