Assisted suicide for prisoners?

If assisted suicide becomes legal (which I feel it should) for those with a terminal illness or vegetative state, then do you think that this could be extended to include prisoners on a life sentence that want to die with dignity?

I personally am against the death sentence and am glad it is no longer in use in the UK, but what if some of these prisoners actually wish to die?

I think it is kinder to help them plan for, set a date and assist them to die when they choose to die, perhaps using humane methods such as nitrous oxide or morphine, or a cocktail of drugs rather than discovering them with slit wrists in their cell. It serves no one to keep them alive against their will, and would at least provide closure to their families and the families of their victims.

Perhaps it is better to allow those who have committed unspeakable crimes to 'fall on their own sword'? If a prisioner chooses to put an end to their own life, there is only so much we can do to stop them. Why not help?


Yet the death sentence is reserved for those who commit worse crimes than those who get life imprisonment. Isn't that paradoxical?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't believe it should be allowed for prisoners.

    Assisted suicide for life sentence prisoners is just an easy way out of living in prison, and it's not okay. If you GET the death sentence, sure. But if they get life in prison, make them serve it.

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