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Our great sport of boxing has unfortunately been plagued with corruption during its life span- From 1995 to?

today which fights stand out in your mind as being fixed, either from the actual fighter (you know not fighting the way he normally does), a lesser named guy fighting a guy with a name starts to give the popular guy problems, then for some strange reason in the rounds to come, the unpopular fighter stops doing all those things that were effective, (or the judges obviously robbing someone with a terrible decision?)

Which fight do you think was the worst display of corruption?

Please only go back as far as 1995.

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    Holyfield - Lewis 1.

    Augustus vs. I can't remember the fighters name. It was in Michigan. Augustus won every round almost and they pulled a terrible decison.

    Oscar - Sturm

    Tito - Oscar. Trinidad received probably the most blatant gift from corruption in recent time.

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    IMO, boxing has had corruptuion of one shape or form from 1895 on, not just from 1995. Think today is bad, you should look back at the 50's.

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    boxing sucks now period thank don king he made it this way but king does make alot of you so called boxing fans look like chumps paying to watch bums fight and alot of you pay alot of you so called boxing fans probably never seen a good fight how do i know when i hear you guys come out here and say how great lennox lewis was or roy jones or john ruiz or delahoya ALL OVERATED FIGHTERS but don king fooled you ONLY IN AMERICA CHUMP

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    the first encounter between evander holyfield vs. lennox lewis, jermain taylor vs, winky wright, etc.

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