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In sound- Which materials are the best conductors?

it's sort of self explanitory...

i really need examples od materials as an answer, i alread know that the denser the material...the faster the sound travels...and so that must mean that solids are the best conductors.... but which materials?...

help please...!



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    Sound waves, unlike light and radio waves, need something to travel through. The more dense that material the better the sound travels.

    Sound waves move faster through a denser medium because energy is more easily passed between tightly packed molecules. This helps explain why sound travels faster through water than through air, and faster still through steel than through water. But even more influential than a conducting medium's density is its elasticity. Elasticity refers to how well a medium can return to its initial form after being disturbed by a force. Steel has high elasticity. It bounces right back to its original shape after an applied force is removed. At the particle level, the molecules in elastic materials transfer energy more efficiently, so sound waves travel faster through steel than through water or air. But not all solids are good conductors of sound. Cork, for instance, has low elasticity. Its molecules tend to absorb energy rather than conduct it.

    Air, a mixture of gases, is less elastic than most solids and all liquids. Despite being the standard medium through which we hear sounds, it is actually a relatively poor conductor. For this reason, you can hear the clanging of a metal hanger against a table much more loudly when your ear is pressed to the table or when the vibrating hanger is touched to your head, that is, when the sounds are transmitted through solid objects instead of through air.

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    Sound Conductors

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    well, telephone cables are made of copper, so they are a good one. jsut think of any thick metal and there you have it. water is also good.

    pretty harsh that ive got two thumbs down for this answer!!! whats wrong with what i put!

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    what frequency ?

    (I suggest try a few .. water for example..)

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