Mcd date Last ?? for girls only?

lol is it dorky as hell to ask a girl to meet you at Mc donalds? we have never meet in real life, we meet off of myspace. she isnt comfortable talking with people on the internet and i wont to show her im not a weird-o. So what are your thoughts on asking her to meet at mcd. its at the local wal mart. people are around she shouldnt feel threatened. and also anygood ideas on some conversation starters? << Ladies only on the last question

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  • Di Di
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    1 decade ago
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    McDonald's is OK, but you might want to make it a little bit more sophisticated like Starbucks or coffee shop. Even if neither of you like coffee, they have tea and other beverages. Make a list of topics to chat about ahead of time, so you have some idea before you meet her.

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    Sounds kinda corny. Meet at the mall or somewhere like that.

    As for convo starters, it really depends all on what you already know about her. What ever you want to know about her, just ask.

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