Trying to find a specific magic school novel with strong neo-pagan overtones. Can anyone help?

This was a recent novel, not a kids book (i.e. not Harry Potter genre)

It had strong neo-pagan and wiccan overtones.

The only pieces I can remember of the book was that it involved heavily vision quests, there was a group of witches that also studied at the school but lived separately (I think, maybe they just studied separately). There was an elevator that only functioned for staff (sort of). A store was also in the school. It had strong neo-pagan cultural overtones as well (communal work, etc).

As I recall it was authored by two folks who actually wanted to found a real magic acadamy.

Does anyone have any idea what book I am babbling about?



Note: its not the OberonZell books.... it is specifically a narrative/novelization... not a textbook.

Update 2:

Actually it looks like I was wrong about the two folks... I found it yesterday it is

Initiation at Beltane by Tamerin Laurel (

Thanks for the help, I am marking Tahuti's answer as best even though it was wrong, simply because they made me aware of another interesting series of books.

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