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Who is a better actor Jackie Chan or Jet Li, and can both of them really fight in real life?

how about in MMA

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    They won't get their Oscars that's for sure.

    Jet Li has a bit of sentimental actings like Danny the Dog or Hero.

    Jackie Chan is horrible in non-martial arts or not using his martial art skills films.

    Jet Li and Jackie Chan can fight in real life. MMA is not really for Chinese martial artists. It's very different than Judo and Jitsu.

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    I think Jackie Chan is slightly better actor due to more experience and more acting backgrounds.

    But in the case of real life fighting, Jet Li will win hands down. Jet Li was the martial arts champion in China 3 times in a row before he went to Hong Kong and got into acting. Jackie Chan is really an actor who specialize in "action movies".

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    As an actor, Jackie Chan is better because Jet Li has a lack of expression that makes him seem forced. Jackie is much more natural and has more years of acting under his belt too. As a fighter, they are both trained, but Jackie is trained in acting fighting, which means that he only knows how to make it look good and real. In reality, he probably couldn't defend himself that well against a real fighter. Jet Li was trained in real fighting, so he's probably better if you're comparing to Jackie, but as an overall fighter, I don't think so. Bruce Lee remains the only one I know of who was truly a talented martial artist and who also happened to be an actor.

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    Jackie Chan is a better actor, Jet Li can fight, he is a kung fu champion in China when he is young and keep the title several years before he enter the entertainment industry.

    Source(s): I`m Chinese living in China
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    in our eyes (chinese), Jet Li is definately better as he learned the traditional kung fu since he was a kid. he was out fr Shaolin which is the most famous kung fu school among China. but Jackie? he was just learning fr an opera school. small in HK by that his parents were 2 broke by that time. so they sent him to the opera school. those opera shcools in the old days, wil provide housing + food + skills everything to the kids but the parents got to sign a contract w/ the master to give up their own child. anyway, both r famous now but on their private life...... u know chinese r traditional. ppl should hv 1 wife only & hold up their family tight. Jet Li can do that 4 sure n his 2 daughters r so cute. his wife was an ex-actress b4 n HKnese use to laugh at her as she was fr mainland china. she even acted in some half-porn movies b4 n some ppl never agree Jet Li to finally get married w/ her. but the wife did helped him in many ways while he was struggling on his career. so finally they get married & hv a v happy family until now. this yr Jet got his 1st movie award in HK n the 1st thing he said was to thx his wife.

    but Jackie? he has so many women that even the HKnese can't count it. he has a mistress years ago who's hving a baby w/ him n made a lot noise & gossip by that time. usually women keep silent but that mistress came out bravely & held a press conf. anyway, now the daughter aldy 6-7 yrs old i guess n was living in Shanghai. seem Jackie not allow them to come back HK as his son Jaycee is working here. his 'official wife' = Lam Fung Kiu fr taiwan. an ex-famous star in Taiwan long time ago. Jackie hide her up in the US for over 15 yrs i guess until his son grow up.

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    yes, they can both fight in real life. i think jackie's the better actor, because he can speak english better ;)

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