Any one here go to trinity college of dublin?

hey im really considering attenting tcd and i was hoping someone could give me a few details on campus life, academics , life in dublin, any info especially if your in the medical program because that would be my major

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I didn't attend Trinity, but my former boyfriend did, and I used to live in Dublin. So other than the fact that Trinity is considered the strongest university in Ireland, I can't talk to the academics. It does have a nice campus, though, with a lot of life to it. It was a lot of fun to hang out there. We used to sit on the grass and read, there would be impromptu cricket games, there are a lot of clubs and things to do, both on campus and off.

    Dublin itself is a great place to be a student. The Trinity area is hopping, and it's right near both the DART and several major bus stops, so you can get there from almost anywhere in the city. There are a ton of pubs, and shops, and restaurants near the university.

    Although Dublin itself may seem expensive in comparison to some other areas of Europe, it's far less expensive than a lot of the UK, especially when compared to London. There are a lot of flat shares in Dublin, and bedsits, as well as student housing, so you'll have a lot of options there.

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