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spare no pain 怎樣用﹖

spare no pain 怎樣用﹖請用句子舉例。

spare yourself the pain 點解﹖

Courtesy 又點用﹖請用句子舉例。

Straight off the dictionary 答案就免了吧。 謝謝!

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    spare no pains doing/to do something不遺餘力地做某事:

    The hotel staff spared no pains to ensure that our stay was as enjoyable as possible.


    spare yourself the pain不做某事,可節省氣力:

    If you have a cd burner, you can spare yourself the pains of making boot disks.



    They did not even have the courtesy to apologize.

    It would only have been common courtesy to say thank you.

    Do me the courtesy of listening to what I have to say.請聽我說幾句話。

    2.(by) the courtesy of someone承蒙某人的好意:

    This programme comes by courtesy of a local company.


    Source(s): 牛津現代高級英漢雙解辭典
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